Connecticut Gun Shops Swarmed

Apparently, gun owners are swarming gun shops today ahead of votes in the Connecticut legislature.

Dear gun shop owners, you know what would be very handy to do today for every customer who isn’t at the Capitol? The phone suggestion here in this post – have those customers who aren’t lobbying in person fill their voicemail boxes while the staffers deal with constituents in person.

11 Responses to “Connecticut Gun Shops Swarmed”

  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    So here’s the rub. It’s my understanding (granted, Limited from what the MSM puts out) that a whole bunch of Firearms and Accessories are about to be Banned. And I don’t blame the Gun Shops for trying to make some money at all. But aren’t these Customers buying items that will make them Criminals in a few days? Unlike Colorado, I’m not hearing anything from local Connecticut LEOs saying that they won’t enforce the Ban, which tells me that they ARE willing to go after these “New Criminals”. And since the Governor is willing to Criminalize his own Voters for a shot at a Higher Political Office, what will these Citizens do when the SWAT Teams are sent in to get them?

    I hope no one gets hurt because of the Gestapo Tactics that MUST be done to enforce these Draconian Gun Laws, but I fear that will happen.

  2. HappyWarrior6 says:

    It’s so sad seeing this stuff. This doesn’t have to be. What a travesty. Buy your stuff now cause you may never see it again? Bullshit. Not in America.

    Any word on how many of these people are showing up at the capitol rally today? They need to get in some congresscritter faces.

  3. Bitter,

    And then there’s the gun makers in CT who are ready to split.

    It is a truer than true fact that the only kind of government that desires gun control over the citizenry are fascist governments. Fact.

    CT is lost. I shall be moving within 2 years. Malvern, PA looks nice. I have friends there.

  4. Bitter,

    For you and your readers, if interested, here is the total 138 pages of this new legislation, named: “An Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety”. This was given to the Connecticut General Assembly this morning at 7:30 am. To be voted on today. Yep.


  5. Bram says:

    I would be swarming New Hampshire realtor offices.

  6. HappyWarrior6 says:

    The store owners should close their stores for the day and instead have everyone storm the Capitol grounds. If this stuff passes they won’t be selling too many more goodies that much longer. LGS owners need to think strategically if they want to retain their businesses in anti-gun states.

    • Bitter says:

      If they close the shops, there’s no promise that any of those customers would actually go lobby. That is exactly why if I had a gun shop there right now, I’d basically say that with every sale, the customer needs to step up to the phone and call their lawmaker – have the list of lawmakers in front of them with some tool they can use to confirm their lawmaker. That way the staff are not only hearing it in person, but also from these folks filling gun stores.

      • HappyWarrior6 says:

        Yes, but is there any indication they’re actually doing anything tactical for the gun business in the state besides selling oodles of stuff during this fit of hysterics?

        Sales won’t last for long if the LGS does not get involved in activism. Same with gun clubs. And in fact as I’ve posted on here before, this stuff isn’t isolated to anti-gun states. I’ve seen similar behavior at all of the LGS I’ve visited. They are very eager to sell sell sell, but there is no interest in pushing NRA membership or legislative action. I frequent 3 LGS in Lancaster county and absolutely none have done it. I have even suggested it to one and the store owner sort of shrugged it off and went right back to selling selling selling.


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