Gun Owners Swarm Hartford

Today is another day of lobbying for gun owners and the people who work for the gun industry in Connecticut. NSSF has some great photos of just floors and floors of the Capitol filled with gun owners visiting their lawmakers.

These lawmakers who wonder if just one or two anti-gun votes will be enough to make the issue go away need to be reminded that they will always have to answer for these votes at the polls, and the anti-gun groups will still attack them for not doing enough. As Rep. Jan Schakowsky (Illinois) tells us in this video, they want to bring back local gun bans and so much more after this initial flurry of bills.

I do have to admit that I love Rep. Schakowsky’s dedication to the issue – she’s so passionate, she can’t tell you the name of the gun control groups she’s is part of back home. She’s also so dedicated to a serious discussion of the issue, she won’t actually address the pesky little problem of McDonald in passing local gun prohibitions.

2 Responses to “Gun Owners Swarm Hartford”

  1. James says:

    Meanwhile, the anti-liberty press/mules have a major cow that the ‘evil NRA lobby’ is busing in protesters:

    So therefore there is no grassroots protesting and the entire pro-mass murder lobby is led by the NSSF/ and gun manufacturers. /sarc

  2. Rob Crawford says:

    Which gun-control groups does Schakowsky belong to?

    The biggest in the country — the Democrat Party.