Gotta Do a News Dump

My browser is crawling like a snail with all these open tabs, and that means work suffers, since I need to Google questions to which I’m looking for answers… so here goes:

Looks like anti-gunners in Nevada are trying to pass a serious tax on guns and ammunition to express their disapproval of your exercise of constitutionally enumerated rights. Two pro-gun bills are also up.

We’re getting closer to losing Maryland. Maryland has been teetering on the edge for a while, unfortunately, and looked like an easy pickup for Bloomberg and the White House. Don’t make it easy for them.

The feds don’t seem to like NASCAR since they haven’t shunned the NRA, maybe the feds need some schooling from a 15 year old.

NYSRPA is filing another suit against New York City challenging the limitation on transporting license firearms out of the city. (And hey, NYSRPA, and ANJRPC too for that matter, it would greatly help if I could actually link to the individual press releases, you know, like it’s the 2000s or something.)

Illinois is basically telling the federal courts to sod off.

It’s the new civility.

By now you’ve already seen Jim Carrey’s Cold Dead Hands, heard of his meltdown on Twitter, but here’s a pretty good comeback┬áby the folks at Reason.

States fire back on new federal gun laws. The bill in Pennsylvania is HR.357

The Second Amendment Foundation is suing Nebraska because they won’t issue carry licenses to resident aliens. There is helpful precedent already that non-citizen permanent residents are entitled to equal protection.

More coverage of Sean’s crashing of MAIG’s event. You’d think the media would be more interested over the fact that the background check bill actually covers temporary possession, and not just sales. I guess the media doesn’t care about the gun rights of gays who can’t marry.

Gun ownership in Illinois in decline.</sarcasm> Note that people who already have guns are required to have FOID, so new applications represent, unambiguously, new gun owners. And this in a deep blue state. Gun control a winning issue Dems? Really?

How do nanny staters figure popular sovereignty really works? Joe gives it some thought, and concludes they can’t simultaneously hold the electorate in contempt and believe they require any consent of the governed.

Louisiana Felon in possession law didn’t survive strict scrutiny required by its latest constitutional amendment, because it covered non-violent felons. This is a few weeks old, but I kept meaning to say something more about it, and failed. So here it is.

Cuomo is getting paranoid. Also, apparently Schumer is dodging the issue as to whether Bloomberg’s ad campaign is helping.

Are submachine guns obsolete? Great read over at the Firearm Blog. Maybe, but they are still great fun.

What if Colorado Democrats treated sex the same way they treated guns?

8 Responses to “Gotta Do a News Dump”

  1. Miguel says:

    Gotta Do a News Dump
    I don’t know if to feel honored or sending you a bottle of metamucil… :D

  2. Jacob says:

    There is a link to the presser I wrote regarding our 2nd lawsuit against NYC. You skipped over it when scanning my blog for items for your latest dump.

    Press release on lawsuit.

    • Matt says:

      I’m VERY happy with this lawsuit! I’ve been hoping for this to be challenged for a while. NYC prohibits licensees from keeping handguns in homes outside of NYC–a clear violation of the 2A under Heller.

      The prohibition against bringing your handgun to a range outside NYC doesn’t even pass a rational basis test.

      In a sense, the Kachalsky loss at the Second Circuit helps us here, since the Court took for granted that the 2A has some application outside the home. NYC prohibits licensees from transporting a handgun (unloaded and locked up) outside NYC limits.

      I made a donation to the NYSRPA litigation fund yesterday to show my appreciation.

  3. HappyWarrior6 says:

    Wow. It looks like Illinois is on its way to Constitutional Carry at a faster rate than one might have expected!

    • Sebastian says:

      Constitutional Carry is not a predetermined outcome. Even if it is, without preemption, you’ll have a patchwork, and have to challenge each of those local regulations.

  4. Cameron Moore says:

    Permalinks to NYSRPA stories are in the RSS feed at the bottom of the home page:

    NYSRPA files 2nd Amendment civil rights lawsuit against City of New York

    Why they don’t link to them from the main website is beyond me.

  5. Chuck W says:


    The Feds/Tesla thing was a press release issued on Monday.

    • Sebastian says:

      A lot of items in news dumps may be a few days old. In this case, Uncle picked up the Monday release and posted it Tuesday, which made it into my news dump today. There are items in the dump that are far older than that. I do the tab clearing just in case any of the stories are of interest to people.