Competitions Being Cancelled in Colorado

The Rocky Mountain Western States Regional for IDPA, which was to be held this July in Montrose, CO has been canceled. How could they even have it there? The new law, because of the “readily convertible” language actually bans most magazines that competitors would use. They’d be enticing competitors to commit a serious crime by bringing them into Colorado. Miguel notes that Ruger has pulled their Rimfire Challenge World Championship out of Colorado as well, which would have attracted 300-plus shooters, plus spectators. HiVis Shooting Systems is pulling out of the state as well. Hey, this is the future for Colorado that Obama and Bloomberg demanded, and Colorado Democrats and Hickenlooper were only too happy to go alone. Remember in 2014.

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  1. Elections have consequences. Let this be a lesson to the nation, when you let Democrats have power over you, you are taking a road which eventually leads to Detroit.

  2. Last year the Ruger world event was in PA. I can tell you first hand that it brings in a few hundred people from around the country. They spend money on flights, hotels, rental cars, food, and merchandise. We have to make this hurt CO and hurt the Governor. Co has to be the warning shot to other states and lawmakers.

  3. Democrats – Anti business in practice, and anti business in principle (unless your a lackey contributor).

    1. It’s not so much about BEING a contributor, as making companies so dependent on the good will of bureaucrats that they have no choice but “contribute”.

  4. Remember we are engaged in culture war, so to the anti-gun crowd (I guess we can call them all Democrats now) who hate guns and their owners these cancellations are just a side benefit of their victory. They don’t care if there are negative economic consequences to their ban. They hate us and see these cancellations as just more punishment for our loss.

      1. Yup. I am increasingly convinced the economic argument is not a good one. When we make the economic argument, we are assuming that the other side cares about jobs, tourist dollars, and investment.

        That assumption is not correct.

        Many in the liberal opposition (and especially in Colorado, the liberal Democrats have been proven to be the party of gun control) simply do not believe in a free market. Others are ignorant and really genuinely do not understand where tax revenues, jobs, and industry come from.

        For others, it is political. They cynically see that fewer jobs = more dependency = more voters for welfare-friendly democrats. Others realize that the sectors & industries most likely to be affected will be in red counties, or impact people who already vote against Democrats (how many hunting outfitters in rural Colorado support the D’s, do you think?). Finally, with Washington’s pork spending/kickbacks & Bloomberg’s money, some declining tax revenue can be replaced and re-election campaigns will be fully financed.

        They do not care about driving local economies into the ground. It is a bonus in many cases because it destroys conservative-leaning economically viable communities and forces people into welfare and dependence. Remember, Detroit is the end-game golden model for the Democratic party. :-\

        The last few months have been very illuminating.

        1. It’s okay – they can make up the revenue they lose on pot sales. :-)

  5. Colorado=the new 2nd amendment battleground state. Round 1 goes to Bloomberg and anti-gunners, though it wasn’t the complete victory they wanted. Round 2 will happen in November, 2014, unless they decide to bring an AWB back up next year.

  6. Driving conservatives out of the state is a feature, not a bug, of the bill.

  7. Wow. Is there any good news out there today on the gun rights front, anyway? It’s obvious that the anti’s strategy is to overtake each vulnerable state. Yes, laws can eventually be changed, but what’s the NRA plan to combat this strategy?

  8. You know, I have Relatives who live in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I’ve informed them that I will only come out there for Funerals at this time.

    Sure, I’m only one guy. But that’s one less purchase of Gasoline, Hotel rooms, Meals, etc. that would generate revenue for the State via their Taxes if I came out to visit.

    Now will I be doing any On-line Business with any Company in that State.

    As a Famous Woman once said, “Let THEM eat Cake.”

  9. Don’t hunt there.
    Don’t move there.
    Don’t spend vacation time there.
    Don’t buy Coors either.
    These acts alone will cost the Colorado Nannies between 3 and 5 Billion dollars this year. Let the twigs and granola crowd try and make that short fall up.
    Hickenpooper is the face of failed policy, he needs to own it.

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