Bad Week for Mark Kelly?

First he won’t be getting his AR-15, and then his daughter’s bulldog kills a seal in Laguna Beach, and the whole thing gets caught on someone’s cell phone camera. To be fair, Kelly dealt with the dog correctly. His daughter didn’t seem to have a clue what to do, and seemed pretty upset by the whole ordeal. I’m not sure whoever was playing tug of war with the seal against the dog was really helping things either.

7 thoughts on “Bad Week for Mark Kelly?”

  1. Yeah, I think this was an unfortunate event for all involved and although I realize why people are targeting Kelly, he did as much as he could, they apparently contacted police and the daughter was upset about it which leads me to believe her dog was just being a dog and not the result of an irresponsible dog owner. It happens. Sometimes my dog eats her own crap. Dogs piss on things they shouldn’t, chase other animals, etc. It happens.

    Now, the comeuppance on AR was a funny story and he can’t say two words about it or he becomes a hypocrite for complaining about an FFL stopping an unlawful purchase…

  2. Kelly first appears and grabs the dog by the collar 50 seconds into the video. No telling how long the dog had been running completely uncontrolled prior to the beginning of filming. Do you think if I’d been walking a bigger dog on the beach, it ran off and clamped its jaws on his daughter’s dog’s neck, and I ambled up nearly a minute later and finally took control of my pet after hers was dead he’d think I’d dealt with my dog correctly?

    But as far as I know, Kelly has taken no position on responsible pet ownership, so how about this… Do you think if I had been walking on the beach with one of my children, that child began shooting at a seal, and I waited a full minute before I made any attempt to restrain my child, Kelly would agree I dealt with the child correctly?

    Both the attempted gun purchase and the animal attack are simply examples of the privileged class thinking they should be able to dictate rules to the rest of us that don’t apply to them.

  3. there are plenty of shelter dogs destroyed every day who don’t have it in them to be anything other than a loyal pet, I own a few of them and am plenty confident taking responsibility for anything they might do…. unfortunately bully breeds are cool or some crap like that so everyone gets them and pretends like they aren’t the breed involved in the overwhelming majority of stories like this…. I’d love to see pet owners prosectured for the stuff their dogs do as if they’d done it themselves.

  4. Why are we letting him off the hook for this? I don’t get gun owners sometimes. He’s trying to take our rights away. I don’t care if he only farted in public, I expect us all to use that against him. No respite for dictators or their enablers. He and his daughter are irresponsible, and therefore are not in a position to lecture us in any way.

    When did we get so soft, people?

      1. Why should we care? He was there. He saw the situation and took too long to do something about it. Why should I give him a pass? He’s not giving us one.

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