Round Limitation in New York: Round Two

Or is it ten? New York is probably going to let people buy 10 round magazines, after belatedly discovering that almost no firearms manufactures make 7 round magazines, nor would they be likely to just for a single state’s market. But you still will only be able to load seven rounds in them. Criminals will obviously follow this. Jacob appropriately mocks this situation. Cuomo’s popularity is still in decline, perhaps because this makes him look stupid, which he is. They had to pass the bill for us to find out what was in it. Keep an eye on Hickenlooper’s ratings now too. Meanwhile, Governor Malloy in Connecticut is looking to ram through legislation using the same methodology Cuomo did, given that it’s proven difficult to get anything through using the normal democratic processes that require public hearings and give the public a chance to object.

11 thoughts on “Round Limitation in New York: Round Two”

  1. And how many cops have been arrested so far for using banned mags and weapons?

    1. Probably. New Jersey technically has a 15 round limit as well, but in most cases you can only find 10 round magazines. It used to be New Jersey allowed you to block a 20 or 30 round magazine, and that was OK, but I think under Corzine the State Police issued a new ruling that blocking wasn’t good enough.

  2. New jersey considers airsoft to be enough to toss you in jail for firearms possession. Never let the police’s interpretation of the law to be how it is handles, or the people are screwed.

      1. What about an airsoft that can be “readily converted” to fire BBs? Such as pretty much any competition grade co2 air-soft gun?

        1. Dunno – I’m not an airsoft aficionado. I do know airsoft, including gas-powered units, are readily available from specialty retailers throughout the state. I got the one gas unit I have from an outfit that had just separated their FFL into a separate storefront, so I’m presuming they had a fair knowledge of NJ firearms law.
          There’s a Airsoft and paintball place just a few miles from me on US-22 that sells quite a lot of airsoft (and a fair amount of Tacticool accessories to go with); looks like they have some “high-end” equipment based on price tags.
          I don’t know why the difference, myself.

  3. With the “no 7 rounders available” issue causing backtracking, is there an angle to be played by OEM manufacturers refusing to continue to produce neutered mags?

    If pistol manufacturers stopped producing and shipping with new pistols magazines with a lower capacity than they are designed for, since handguns are protected as “in common use”, would that inability to procure lower-capacity magazines become essentially a ban on whole classes of handguns and thus unCon?

  4. Yeah, well while this is good news, and I hope there’s an influx of magazines to be found, and people will start selling rifles with 10 round magazines standard to NY customers (they have been erring on the side of caution) Cuomo still wants registration and all the other non-starters in that horrid little bill.

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