Keeping Illinois from Becoming the Next Colorado

The fight in Illinois is really heating up, and it’s very important that everyone in Illinois, that does business or is in any way associated with the state help call lawmakers and spread the word. What’s the situation on the ground? Well, the Chicago machine wants a consolation prize if they are going to be forced to accept concealed carry. Right now that’s in the form of a magazine ban. As I mentioned yesterday, the margin for votes is really thin, so this is where the anti-gunners are going to try to hit us next, and they are twisting arms, so it is incumbent upon us to twist back. If this picks up momentum, if they get another state, it’s going to get very difficult to stop.

7 thoughts on “Keeping Illinois from Becoming the Next Colorado”

  1. Is it worth calling if we live out of state? I wrote to Gov. Hickenlooper from the “no vacationing in CO” standpoint.

  2. I would think that for Chicago, having a law requiring a permit to carry ought to be consolation prize enough, since it will be Constitutional carry otherwise.

    Let them fight all they want. All the repubs have to do is hold them off until June 8th.

  3. You know, the phrase “we lost Colorado, but I think we can hold Illinois” is not on I ever expected to hear in the gun rights issue.

  4. I’ve called my Representwtie and Senator. Hopefully we can keep this on-side for gun rights.

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