Overreacting Parents

Sorry, I’m pulled away from the screen (and reading comments in my controversial post of the day) for a bit to make up a menu for the next week and get the shopping list uploaded for Sebastian. (He has the best grocery store with significantly lower prices near his office, so he gets the big trips while I do the little fill-in trips to the stores closer to home.) I’m also doing a little local pro-rights activism. Yay!

In the meantime, here’s a funny column addressing parents who not only overreact emotionally when something less than perfect happens to their little snowflake, but who also look to make a buck by taking the responsible party for the unpleasantness to court for the “crime” of being less-than-perfect.

3 thoughts on “Overreacting Parents”

  1. I would love to see The Onion create a satirical article about how an AK47 was accidentally baked into a cake. Oh, the lolz that would haz.

    1. I like one of the comments made about that: “Good thing an AK 47 wasn’t in the cake! Imagine what would have happened to it, had frosting and wax gotten into the action!”

      Of course, we’re talking AKs here, so the point is somewhat moot…

  2. “huh, what does she mean by ‘controversial’? That didn’t seem too-WOAH, 56 comments?!”

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