MAIG Lobbyist Loves Shooting “Assault Weapons” He Lobbies to Ban

We all know that the shooting sports are fun. It turns out that the lobbyists MAIG hires to promote gun bans know they are, too.

One of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s top gun-control lobbyists in Colorado appears to enjoy firing the very guns he is working to restrict.

Denver-based Headwaters Strategies lobbyist Adam Eichberg participated at a “watermelon shoot” in September 2012 at the farm of Colorado state Sen. Greg Brophy (R.) where he fired a semi-automatic rifle with a high-capacity magazine.

A picture obtained by the Washington Free Beacon shows Eichberg smiling broadly as he shoulders a DPMS .308 rifle with a 20-round magazine.

Specifically, the lobbyist who appears absolutely overjoyed to be shooting off his 20 shots is calling for a ban on those same magazines. In fact, to top it off, the host of the shoot claims that Gov. John Hickenlooper begged for an invitation to come out and shoot “assault weapons” with those “high capacity” magazines he’s so eager to ban now that Bloomberg & Obama have promised political support.

The lawmaker who released the information about the shoot said he’s doing it because he has a problem with the way that they are calling for bans on mere citizens, while enjoying the same benefits of using these firearms in shooting sports:

Brophy said he is a friend of Eichberg, but could not let him or Hickenlooper slide.

“You wonder if they’ve had a change of heart, or if they’re being hypocritical like we see in so many politicians where they don’t want to live under the laws they’re pushing,” Brophy said.

Good for Sen. Brophy. I get that there’s business and there’s politics. But when you’re talking about restricting the right of average people who don’t benefit from police protection or Bloomberg’s billions making their way into your wallet, the typical divide between politics and personal goes out the window. These people are talking about abusing fundamental rights and putting lives at risk.

7 thoughts on “MAIG Lobbyist Loves Shooting “Assault Weapons” He Lobbies to Ban”

  1. I don’t know if this is relevant, but what the hell, the subject reminded me:

    How about that MAIG TV ad that features several generals talking about how inappropriate it is for civilians to have access to assault weapons?

    In honesty I have to stipulate that having been a soldier, I’m not too crazy about soldiers — especially officers. But that really pisses me off. It’s OK for guys who may be only slightly better trained than monkeys to be carrying assault rifles, as long as they’re dancing on those generals’ strings; but God forbid people they don’t control do the same thing, probably better.

  2. There is a saying, “Socialism is for the people, not the socialists.” Well, here is a new saying, “Gun bans are for the people, not the gun banners.”

    1. I think that is very closely related to Orwell’s aphorism that “Some animals are more equal than others.”

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