Colorado Anti-Gun Bills Up in Senate

The Denver Post has live coverage of the debate & upcoming votes in the Colorado Senate on the package of anti-gun bills.

It’s interesting that they say the campus carry ban may be pulled today partially because of the national negative attention associated with the outrageous comments by lawmakers about rape victims. It’s not officially pulled yet, but several Democrats are trying to pressure the sponsor by telling the press that it’s dead. However, the sponsor is running around to the press saying that he’s got 10 hours to find votes.

The press is covering the various business angles to the issue, noting the recent threat by Outdoor Channel to pull production from the state. With 70% of voters listing the economy as the biggest issue influencing their vote going into the next election, Colorado lawmakers would do well to listen to the economic impact of gun control.

3 thoughts on “Colorado Anti-Gun Bills Up in Senate”

  1. I just watched a voice vote on 1229 (private transfer ban) in which the nays clearly had it, but the chairwoman had the bill go forward anyway. Unbelievable.

    Why do we even still have voice votes in this day and age? They seem like a great way to ram through something with a questionable majority among the party controlling the administration of the rules.

    1. I’m also watching the hearings on these Colorado antigun bills. When you see them call a vote with Yay and Nay and then the losing side wins this is normal day to day business in any legislature. Keep in mind this is not a final vote on the bills which will come later. At that time there will be a rollcall vote which makes more sense. Hopefully in the final vote common sense will prevail.

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