Prius-Driving, Pink Shirt-Wearing Candidate for Colorado Governor

It looks like the freshest candidate in Colorado’s gubernatorial race is a big cycling enthusiast who hops in his Prius when he has to drive somewhere and is comfortable showing off in a somewhat slim-fitting pink polo.

Oh, and he’s a pro-gun guy.


As Jim Geraghty notes, another big plus to Brophy is that he’s not Tom Tancredo. I also appreciate his pitch for issues beyond the gun issue:

“Instead of limiting the capacity of ammunition magazines, we will work to increase the capacity of our highways,” Brophy said. “We will increase the number of charter schools and magnet schools.”

Even if the gun control law is a big reason why he’s running for governor, it’s good that he has a message of positive changes he wants to make, too.

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  1. Brophy is very cool. It had been feared that no Republican’s that had a real chance of winning would run because Hickenlooper seemed unbeatable and way too popular. But the anti-gun stance of Hickenlooper combined with a hard left turn by Colorado Democrats has a lot of Republican’s smelling blood in the water (hopefully nobody thinks I literally mean human blood in water — that’s just a phrase).

    I’m hopeful for 2013, but not overly so — my state recently has been quite blue, but I think the Democrats overreached when they also thought the state is anti-gun. I don’t think we’re there yet at all.

    And of course kicking out Morse and/or Giron in a recall would give us all a boost!

  2. I’m a Tancredo guy myself. However, it is good to see the GOP candidates in CO (so far) being remarkably pro-gun.

  3. Not my state, but I’d vote for one of Brophy’s melons, as long as it wasn’t Tom Tancredo.

    1. So this guy slaps some gun porn in front of you and you’re all over him, as opposed to someone whose pro-2A track record has been proven. Doesn’t take much I guess.

      1. No, I’m not “all over him”. As the first man said, sufficient virtue is that he is not Tom Tancredo.

        I am unconvinced that raving fascist loons are to the net good of our gun rights, no matter their short-term voting histories. Tomorrow they will be limiting gun right to “Real Americans,” who they will define for us.

        1. “Raving, fascist lunatics?” Way to demagogue. I have personally met Tom Tancredo and he is nothing like to describe. “Not Tom Tancredo” is a diminutive phrase in my book. Like I say, we have one candidate who supports the constitution, and one who is untested with no track record standing up to anti-gun fascists.

          1. I’m obviously not the closest watcher of CO politics, but I remember seeing Brophy’s name come up during the debate as fighting the gun control quite fiercely.

            1. Brophy and Tancredo are both excellent on the gun issue. I know Brophy only by reputation but it’s a good on in my view.

              I happen to like Tancredo a lot and have met him on several occasions. I actually worked for him against Hickenlooper in 2012, and while standing on a streetcorner helping him bring up signs and banners found him to be a very nice guy I could trade jokes with. I’ve also exchanged a few words with him at gun shows — always found him to be friendly and personable.

              The only reason I’d rather see someone else take the lead is that while Tancredo is very helpful to those legally seeking US citizenship (he helped out a friend of mine from Liberia get his greencard) he’s very much anti-illegal immigration and I don’t know if that will fly in Colorado given our population and current Democratic party memes.

              But if Tancredo gets the nomination, I’ll gladly work for him and help him in any way I can. He’d be a great governor, frankly, a pro-gun guy with very strong liberatarian leanings (he had promised to publicly smoke pot if it was legalized in Colorado, though he did back off because too many parents complained it was a bad example).

              There are a number of other good people seeking the position out there — now we just need to beat Hickenlooper. And enough in the house/senate to gid rid of these nasty/malicous anti-gun laws.

              1. “Tancredo…a pro-gun guy with very strong liberatarian leanings…”

                I guess that just shows how much the language has changed in the past twenty-five years.

            2. I guess I’m looking for proven track records. Unfortunately, I suppose even those don’t mean that much these days given the Pat Toomey situation.

    1. Salmon is a fish, not a color. If you can differenciate between “pink” and “salmon” colors, turn in your BroCard(tm).

      Everyone knows Real Dudes can only see the colors in the 16-crayon box. {chuckle}

  4. Brophy has been adamant about the Right to own & carry weapons. He’s not quite as absolutist as I am, but he has introduced constitutional carry bills (despite opposition from some in his own party & allegedly pro-gun folks). I disagree with him on a few other issues, but on the gun thing I can’t think of any candidates in Colorado that are more solid than he is.

    Oh, & he’s the one who stood up on the senate floor & declared that he’d break the magazine law if it passed. That should count as standing up to the anti gunners, shouldn’t it? :)

    So despite the protests of some, Brophy does have a track record & it’s decidedly pro Right to arms.

  5. Actually, after minimal checking (that begs correction or redirection) it appears to me that Brophy and Tancredo are pretty much on the same side of most issues, but with Brophy being somewhat more guarded in his speech. So, my question would be, why would Coloradans want an ersatz Tancredo, when for the same price they could have the real thing, saying what he really thinks?

  6. I imagine the people of Colorado are fired up about losing Magpul and their magazines that there will be many politicians campaigning as pro-second amendment!

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