Project Much?

A Florida lawmaker, Audrey Gibson (D), is proposing no one be permitted to buy ammunition unless they can prove they have gone through an anger management course. Somehow I don’t think we’re the ones who need that. How about requiring that before holding public office. Hey, it’s common sense.

6 thoughts on “Project Much?”

  1. Oh, for the love of God. They were doing this crap at the college I last attended. If you left for ANY medical reason they mandated an anger management course before you could return. Paid out of your pocket which, of course, made people angry. Which they used as justification.


  2. But, and yet, they bleat and moan and freak whenever someone wants to cast a vote if that person is required to show FREAKING ***I.D.***

    And one enterprising conservative journalist went to speak to all these groups who were anti-showing-an-I.D.-to-vote. And in every building, be it private or gov’t, the camera man and journalist were asked to show I.D. before seeing a representative.

    And anyone who might say : “but, voting doesn’t kill anyone” – to which I say: “Yea, it bankrupts a country and leads to oppressive regimes all the time.”

    Honest to freaking God these folks have not clue-one about what a “right” truly is.

  3. Heck, Assad was voted into power too, look how many deaths those votes led to.

  4. Let’s see. Under this Idiot’s Thinking, she should NOT be allowed to buy a Car until she had AM Course, because we all know that Road Rage can occur in a Split Second. One should also have a License to Buy Gasoline, because of the Arson Threat, Permission for purchasing a Set of Kitchen Knives, a State-Approved I.D showing she’s safe to buy Bleach and won’t Poison anyone with it, etc.

    Ever get the suspicion that whoever is sending down these “Talking Points” and “Legislative Initiatives” are getting a little Desperate? I’m seeing that they are resorting to a “Throw EVERYTHING against the Wall and see what Sticks” approach. But they are giving it to their Cronies who obviously aren’t even taking the Time to read what the hell they are being eMailed! But one wonders just how Smart the “Man Behind the Curtain” really is. He/They have got to know that some of what they are Proposing wouldn’t be accepted for a SNL Sketch because it’s STOOOOOPID! Yet they send them down anyway.

    And yet, these Political Hacks keep getting Re-Elected.

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