More on OWAA

Bitter has more on OWAA.  Seems they canceled their planned event with anti-hunting and anti-gun forces.  Hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts need to understand who pays for most of the wildlife management and upkeep of public lands, and it’s not them.  Both hunters and shooters pay for wildlife management through the federal “Pittman Robertson” excise taxes on guns and ammunition.  Next time you hear a hiker bitch about sunday hunting, remind them who pays for the trails they like to hike on.

2 thoughts on “More on OWAA”

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I seem to recall a statistic that, since its inception, the Pittman-Robertson law has funded wilderness set-asides, acquisitions, easements, purchases, etc. equivalent in size to the State of Georgia. So without that tax on arms and ammo, those areas would be parking lots, shopping malls and apartment complexes.

  2. And off-road riders built and maintain most of the trails. Hikers don’t have the wherewithal to do trail maintenance – or believe they even have an impact.

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