Doylestown Rally Draws Several Hundred

There was a pro-gun rally held this Saturday in the County seat (my the County) by Concerned Gun Owners of Bucks County, a new group to spring up since Obama decided to make this an issue. on the rally here, and also at More on the group’s Facebook page here. Looks like about 150-200 people showed up. Here’s my favorite pictures, sent by a reader:


Doylestown 2A Rally

Bitter and I did not attend the rally because of working the antique gun show this weekend, but I wholeheartedly approve of promoting the Second Amendment for the children. I’m glad someone is thinking of the children.

2 thoughts on “Doylestown Rally Draws Several Hundred”

  1. The comments at the website are amusing. Gun owners screaming for cracking down on gun crimes committed under “existing laws,” apparently not realizing they will be the ones cracked down on after Obama gets his way. Plus, being proud as all hell that their demonstration wasn’t like those nasty OWS demonstrations. If they would spend as much time trying to learn Saul Alinsky’s tactics, as they do whining about him, maybe they’d get somewhere for a change.

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