McCain/Palin Rally in Media

Bitter and I attended the McCain/Palin rally in Media, Pennsylvania today.  Media is the County Seat of Delaware County, located about 12 miles west of Philadelphia.  I live in Bucks County, but Delaware County is where I grew up.  Delaware County used to be a place of Republican machine politics.  Where the City of Philadelphia had machine Democratic politics, when people came out into the suburbs, you had the opposite.  The communist party in its heyday didn’t enjoy the same level of dominance in the Soviet Union that the GOP had in my home county.  My how things have changed.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a rally with a lot of energetic Republicans, but there are signs of trouble.  At the very least, the Delaware County GOP doesn’t have their act together.  At worst, the state GOP is utterly unprepared for a drawn out ground battle with the Obama campaign.  Bitter has documented this in a lot more detail.  I told her to do the analysis, and I’ll do the pictures.  Click on the pictures to see my comments.

McCain’s message was basically one of economic populism, with a lot of talk of cleaning up Wall Street along with Washington.  Populism doesn’t particularly resonate with me, but it’s probably the right message to run on if he doesn’t want this financial crisis to hand this election to the Lightworker.  One thing that I was happy to see was a large number of young women in the crowd.  There were also more than a few younger guys.  This gives me at least some hope.  But in terms of political theather, which is what these rallies are really about, I think the GOP dropped the ball on this one.

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  1. Those folks in the first four pics don’t look like hippies to me … they just look like regular folks. I’m just saying …

    I guess what is a “hippie” varies from person to person.

  2. HEY!! The Media Sheriff’s Office is where I applied for and received my non-resident Pa CCW permit.

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