Spending More Bloomberg Money

Joe Baca is considering a rematch. Baca was made considerably weaker in redistricting when his majority hispanic district was redrawn, and he would have been pitted up against Maxine Waters in a primary. Baca decided that wasn’t going to be in the cards, he decided to run in the open primary for California’s 35th congressional district, against Gloria Negrete McLeod. Like a shark smelling blood in the water, Bloomberg dumped a ton of money into that race too:

“It seemed like Bloomberg was more interested in unseating me and in sacrificing the truth during that campaign,” he said. “Hopefully this time I run against [Negrete McLeod] and not against the mayor of New York.”

I don’t view Joe would have much of a chance in a primary against an incumbent, but I’d be happy to see him run again. Two million might be money found in the sofa to Bloomberg, but I don’t see any reason to make this struggle cheap for him. Like I said, he’s been taking easy bets.