More Time to Mobilize

The Senate Judiciary Committee was set to possibly start moving gun control today, but they’ve decided to put it off for at least a week. They are waiting on a Tom Coburn/Chuck Schumer deal before they act. However, Sen. Grassley is saying that he thinks the universal background check bill could be passed without a deal. (Iowa, it sounds like you need to be making more phone calls…)

I’m happy with the delay since now it means I know I can go to the gun show this weekend and get lots of people signing postcards to Senators Bob Casey and Pat Toomey asking them to oppose gun control legislation. We’ll use the extra time to mobilize more people.

4 thoughts on “More Time to Mobilize”

  1. I want NO background check, but if they put it through I hope it is for the purchasers background only.
    No telling NICS it is for a handgun S&W, 686, no.xxxxx.
    I just want them to call, say it is a gun purchase, let NICS either approve or not.
    no listings ,no gun type, no serial numbers.
    Its still checking a persons background, but not to a specific firearm or type.
    Any law should make it illegal for the Feds to keep registration records or data on purchases or Owners.

    1. Universal background checks will only work if they also have universal gun registration. This has been addressed many times already.

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