Bring Out Your Dead

Early voting is beginning for the primary to determine the candidates for the seat previously held by Jesse Jackson Jr. Since this is a D+32 district, the Democratic primary is basically the election. For those in Illinois, Debbie Halvorson is a pro-gun Democrat, and is enough of a threat that Bloomberg is dumping a million dollars into the primary against her. The Chicago establishment is backing Robin Kelly. Bloomberg is dumping this kind of money both to help ensure a favorable outcome, but also to send a message. It is only a lot of hard work on our part that is going to successfully counter-balance Bloomberg’s heaps of money. If you want to keep your gun rights, the time for passivity is over.

2 Responses to “Bring Out Your Dead”

  1. Andy B. says:

    If it would make tactical sense, shouldn’t gun rights advocates (including of course our organizations) be able to more than match Bloomberg’s million?

    Maybe Halvorson’s campaign people should work that as a challenge; “Match the Bloomberg Million.”

  2. Rare election video from a Chicago precinct with a look at the registration process for a new Democratic voter…