Bring Out Your Dead

Early voting is beginning for the primary to determine the candidates for the seat previously held by Jesse Jackson Jr. Since this is a D+32 district, the Democratic primary is basically the election. For those in Illinois, Debbie Halvorson is a pro-gun Democrat, and is enough of a threat that Bloomberg is dumping a million dollars into the primary against her. The Chicago establishment is backing Robin Kelly. Bloomberg is dumping this kind of money both to help ensure a favorable outcome, but also to send a message. It is only a lot of hard work on our part that is going to successfully counter-balance Bloomberg’s heaps of money. If you want to keep your gun rights, the time for passivity is over.

2 thoughts on “Bring Out Your Dead”

  1. If it would make tactical sense, shouldn’t gun rights advocates (including of course our organizations) be able to more than match Bloomberg’s million?

    Maybe Halvorson’s campaign people should work that as a challenge; “Match the Bloomberg Million.”

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