McCain Courting Bloomberg as VP?

Kevin says if that happens, he’s voting for Bob Barr.  If McCain actually did that, I would do the same at that point.  That would basically be a message from McCain to the Republican base “I don’t need ya!” in which case, fine.  We’ll see in November.

But I think Newsmax is trying to make a non-story here.  “We don’t talk about our vice-presidential possibilities. But he added: ‘I appreciate Mayor Bloomberg enormously and the great job he’s done as mayor.” in D.C. speak is hardly an indication that Bloomberg is being seriously considered.  My money is going to be someone who the base feels good about, but who won’t scare independents and pissed off Hillary supporters.

John McCain has pissed in too many coffee pots in his own party to win with just the party base, so he’s going to have to court independents and Democrats if we’re not going to have to get used to saying “President Obama.”  He’s not going to come out and say “No, I am not considering your Jewish Mayor” when he’s visiting New York City, which is full of Jewish voters who probably liked Hillary, but who might be offended that Obama’s spiritual mentors associate with anti-semites.

Nonetheless, he can’t win without some of his base, and Bloomberg is too far to the left to bring any of the Republican base along for the ride.  If he does pick Bloomberg, I will vote for Bob Barr too, but I feel pretty good that he’s not picking Bloomberg.

4 thoughts on “McCain Courting Bloomberg as VP?”

  1. I don’t like McCain, but I’d hold my nose and vote for him…right up ’til he chooses that asshat Bloomberg for VP. At that point, he loses what meager respect I have for him, and it’s Barr (whom I’m not fond of, either), or a write-in.

  2. Bloomberg isn’t just ‘too far left’, he was a life-long Dem, who ran for mayor as a Republican because he couldn’t get the Democrat nod.

  3. Newsmax is one of the least reliable news sites on the web. And this on top of the flat-out lie yesterday that McCain refused to meet with Graham.

    Trust, but verify. The problem with Newsmax is that it rarely passes verification.

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