What Would Romney Have Done?

I pretty much agree with Tam’s take on this. Romney would be singing platitudes, and trying to avoid talking about the issue, but Barry would still be President right now. The only difference would be that I’d feel a bit better about the future. I say a bit, because I still wouldn’t trust Mitt. The other thing I’d suggest is that if Barry were on his way out, those executive orders would have been a lot worse. They would have been Barry’s dog shit in a paper bag left burning on the White House steps, daring Mitt to step on it.

I think we’d still be in trouble even if we had elected Mitt, but we’d probably need to be less concerned about long term trouble. Mitt would be looking to get re-elected, and throwing a key constituency under the bus early on wouldn’t be a great way to start a term. We also would likely be dealing with a demoralized and defeated left, rather than the energized and active left we’re facing now. So would it have mattered for now? Not much. But over the long term, I think we could count on a fierce fight over the next year, with Mitt disappointing us in some ways, but over the long haul, I think we’d be safer, and would have more options than we do looking forward now. I’d also feel a lot better if the GOP house had a President to protect, rather than to fight against. Mitt would likely, I think, take the Bush approach. He’d endorse legislation he knows Congress has no intention of ever putting on his desk.

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