Tuesday News Dump

I’m not feeling much inspiration today, so I’ll dump some news items. Hopefully this won’t be it for the day. It usually isn’t, but sometimes it’s tough finding stories that have good angles.

A Colorado Update from Michael Bane. It’s not over there, by a long shot. Even Hickenlooper is having some doubts. Keep the pressure on. Publicola sees Bloomberg’s fingerprints all over what’s happening in Colorado.

Beretta has been turning up the pressure in Maryland. “You balk, we walk,” is the watchword of the day. I am very pleased with the response from the industry. Remember when you had to worry about the industry as much as you had to worry about the politicians?

Florida stand your ground law is staying.

The real threat is back-door registration, which leads too…

A rather lengthy but excellent podcast with Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit. There is some talk about guns. One reason I follow Professor Reynolds is that he is such a happy warrior, and I find that quite refreshing compared to how dour and depressing some pundits can get. I try to be a happy warrior as well. I don’t always succeed, but I try.

Looks like SEUI has backed down on showing up in Albany to support gun control, while 10,000 gun owners show up to oppose it. Bitter and I were thinking if they tried their usual thug tactics with our people it would end badly. There are a lot of good union jobs at stake with Remington, so backing down was the right thing to do in the first place. Dave Hardy notes this is called a heckler’s veto. Jacob also notes the folly.

SayUncle has been tracking Joe Biden’s noted gun expertise. So have the phony baloney “fact checkers” at the Washington Post, who conclude all this legal mumbo jumbo is just too confusing to draw any real conclusions. Apparently it’s not too confusing for prosecutors.

Joe has a random thought of the day about the Second Amendment. They’ve lost the battle about the meaning of the Second Amendment, but the battle to make it a meaningful right, rather than a second class right, is still very much active.

Tam talks about Califorming, a phenomena many Westerners, and especially Coloradans these days, are unfortunately all too familiar with. I visited a friend who was born and raised Montana in 2003, who is a Democrat, and even he had a pretty severe disdain for migrants from California.

A Virginia Beach pizza shop: Bring your firearm. From the looks of the place, you’ll probably want to check to ensure no fur from those wookie suits ends up in your pizza. (FYI, for the uninitiated, wookie suit is a long running inside joke among gun bloggers. We actually love wookie suiters, and many of us are wookie suiters at heart)

Anti-gun members of the Illinois House aren’t giving up easily, and are pushing their own bill which comes up very short in terms of respecting the right as the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has demanded. It really is like a child throwing a temper tantrum. The NRA Bill, which we do want to support, is HB997.