Pizza Punishment

Since when it did it become a requirement that school administrators check common sense at the door? Do the job postings state that they prefer candidates consistently overreact and then lie to cover up said reactions when parents respond?

A Tennessee boy has been punished for eating the pizza served at lunch. His friend apparently told him it looked like a gun, and they played with the pizza slice for a bit. The school officials claim he was not punished for actually eating the pizza into the shape of a gun, rather for supposed threats he made to other children. However, the boy’s mother has been told that if his pizza ever takes a shape someone might consider to look like a gun again, he will be suspended. So, the school says they won’t punish kids over how they eat their pizza, yet they also threaten to suspend kids who eat their pizza into certain shapes. Either the school system taking heat from the media is lying now or they lied to his mother with threats of punishments they don’t actually intend to enforce. Again, common sense, where have you gone?

I think what’s appalling about the threats from the school is that most school pizzas I recall were served as rectangles. That means if this child even eats his slice bite-by-bite along one half of the long end, it will end up looking like a gun again at some point during the lunch, and he will face suspension. For eating pizza.

10 thoughts on “Pizza Punishment”

  1. Never forget the first goal of any Government School is to create subjects that revere the Power of the Federal Government.

  2. Anyone who leaves their child in Pubic Screwel is committing a form of child neglect at best.

  3. It seems every day I come across a new “stupidest thing I’ve ever read.” Today I came across this.

  4. Next step: Eat your pizza into the shape of a fist with a raised middle finger.

  5. Sue the school and let a jury apply common $ense to them. Spank the commies where it hurts, on their budget.

  6. How are other students supposed to feel safe when threatened with pizza in the shape of a gun?”
    “I don’t know, how are students going to feel safe when they know that every adult around them is a complete moron driven mad with power?”

    Maybe if you don’t want to do homework, you can aim a picture of a gun the teacher, and, not knowing that a picture of an object isn’t the same as an object, they would cower and do your bidding.

  7. Have you ever tasted what passes for pizza in TN public schools? The people who serve that slop are the ones who need to be threatened with legal sanction.

    You’d think they would at least know how to make a decent biscuit.

  8. Markie Marxist sez: “Gun possession by a private individual is such a heinous affront to the authority of the Marxist state that people should be punished for eating pizza! It’s just common communist sense! He offended our Marxist sensibilities! Send him to the Gulag!”

  9. His parents should coach him to tell the administrators that it doesn’t look like a gun, it looks like the handle to a suction wand used to perform abortions. Then ask the brownshirts why they oppose a woman’s right to choose.

    That would shut them the hell up :)

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