Illinois Can Beat Back Bloomberg

Illinois gun owners are organized in a way that you don’t see in pretty much any other state. So when I see that Debbie Halvorson is telling the media that Bloomberg’s anti-gun ad buy in Chicago is actually giving her a boost in the parts of the district outside of the city, I see a huge opportunity for gun owners in Illinois to send a message to Bloomberg and the Chicago political machine.

This is a special election, which means that turnout models will be very different than a general election – certainly different than a presidential election year.

Illinois gun owners from anywhere within driving distance should be in that district for each of the next two weekends helping with GOTV efforts. Knock on doors, make phone calls, do whatever is necessary to help turn out the vote in the areas where Halvorson is strong. Most voters really don’t care about gun control, they want to hear answers on the economy. Don’t let Bloomberg’s millions buy this race for an issue that most voters really don’t care about.

3 thoughts on “Illinois Can Beat Back Bloomberg”

  1. Most voters don’t care about gun control. Most voters DO, however, care about jobs and the economy. Make sure that gets addressed.

    Casually mention how many gun manufacturers are in Illinois, and how many people they employ, and how those valuable jobs WILL go away if the restrictions get too obstructive for them to remain in Illinois.

  2. I think this race is fascinating. Fans of the wire will recognize the strategy. Pro gunners may be in the minority, ” but there is little differentiation among the other 3 candidates. Capture the minority vote and hope the other 3 clones split the vote. I’d also support campaigning for whomever is running second among the anti gun group.

  3. Heh, regarding the Bloomberg thing, how about someone starts making gun-shaped toys (in Duracoat colors if possible)to sell in NY?

    I’d love to hawk those wares in front of city hall while smoking and sipping Jolt Cola out of a 16-oz styrafoam cup every time Nanny B. steps outside.

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