Looking for a Sponsor for ESOS

Some lawmakers, wary of the lost revenue from the death of the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show, are looking for a new sponsor.

“We want to avoid a repeat of this next year, which is why we support the decision and ask that Reed Exhibitions be disqualified as a vendor for future events,” Payne said.

The county commissioners announced this week that they booked the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex using a tourism grant and are working with various businesses to secure sponsors for next year’s show.

Who owns the term Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show? My understanding was that Reed Exhibitions owned that show, meaning they likely have the rights to the name. I’m absolutely fine with disqualifying Reed, because of their behavior. It would be good to see the show continue. It was valuable for the hunting, shooting and outdoor community in the entire Mid-Atlantic region, and it would be a shame to see it die off because it’s handlers were bozos.

7 thoughts on “Looking for a Sponsor for ESOS”

  1. OK, if Reed holds the name, then name the show something else. “Mid-Atlantic Outdoor Sports Show.” “Not the Reed Outdoor and Sports Show.” “A completely Different Outdoor and Sports Show.”

    And, make sure whomever puts the show on doesn’t have any claim to the show’s name.

  2. Eastern Outdoor and Sports Show *with Modern Sporting Rifles*

    That will announce to everyone the show is good to attend and to exhibit at.

  3. The new owners should just call it “The Sportman’s Show”. That’s what attendees have been calling it for decades.

  4. How many millions of dollars in this and future business did Reed just lose by making the worst possible decision at the worst possible time?

    I’m almost 100% certain that no one post their job because of it, and they have learned no lesson, but that’s fine, because people watching did, politicians did.

    I’m just curious about the total dollar amount they screwed themselves out of, esp considering if they loose SHOT too!

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