Lawmakers Want to Hear From You – Sorta

You have to love it when lawmakers post something that says they want to hear from voters, even though their mind is clearly made up. Take, for example, D-rated Rep. Maria Donatucci says she wants to hear people’s thoughts on the limits to gun ownership:

Based on the sudden flurry of later tweets talking how the Second Amendment was about the militia and how she only wants to restrict “weapons of mass destruction,” I guess some pro-liberty folks have responded.

22 thoughts on “Lawmakers Want to Hear From You – Sorta”

  1. I respect the 2nd Amendment but…

    I’m starting to get tired of hearing that, anyone else?

    1. Absolutely. Anybody who starts off with that immediately brings up red flags. If you support it so much, you A) don’t need to say it and B) don’t need to word it that way.

  2. Lawmakers really have no interest in hearing from. They’ve already made up their minds on how they are going to vote. They will usually vote party line and ignore the proles whom they supposedly represent.

    Lawmakers/politicians only understand consequences. What stands in their way in of voting in a position that is clearly unconstitutional? Nothing legally.

    It is obvious that constitutional protections have no teeth. There are no consequences other than tar, feathers, rails, noose, or on the lighter side, becoming unelected. My vote (now) is make them and anyone who thinks like minded unelected and unelectable. Wish me luck.

    1. It’s pretty clear that the Founders could not conceive of a representative without honor, whereas that’s all we seem to get now.

      In THIS day and age, having no penalties for dis-honorable behaviour explicitly spelt out in the constitution seems a strange oversight from otherwise intelligent people.

    2. Perhaps we need to bring back the tar, feathers and rail, and if that doesn’t work, the noose too?

      Tempting, ain’t it?

        1. Code Duello implies a fair fight.

          I don’t see any need to fight fair.

          How about one simple addition to the statutes:

          “Any elected representative that votes for a law that is later determined to be unconstitutional shall be be put to death within seven days of such finding.”

          1. Exactly. I’ve never found it necessary to fight Copperheads (two or no legged) fairly.

  3. exactly, these politicians all start with “I respect the 2nd amendment”
    here is a suggestion – dont screw with the amendment that defends all others..
    you politicians are the problem…….

  4. I Just told her “We already have a line, why the urge to keep redrawing it?”

  5. Now she’s saying that “assault weapons” can be used to hunt because they “mangle the meat.” They don’t even know how ignorant they are.

    1. It mangles the meat when you spray fire your machine gun from the hip at a deer, but what mutilates it most is the pistol grip.

        1. No, that’s a common misconception. The bayonet lug enables it to shoot knives, but you can only hold 5 knives in a clip. It’s the pistol grip that enables the highly accurate, hip spray firing.

    2. Perhaps a minimum of 2 years of military service should be required for all elected officials. At least they may understand something about guns before they try to write laws regarding them that way.
      And the understanding of honor, duty and respect wouldn’t hurt either.

      1. though i’m sympathetic with your frustration, i’m not so sure that’s a good idea. does ‘service gaurantees citizenship’ ring a bell?

  6. I respect the 14th Amendment but should we draw a line?If so, where do we draw it? Blacks in white schools? Public office? Miscegenation? Comment…

    I respect the 1st Amendment but should we draw a line?If so, where do we draw it? Types of Christians? Papists? Should Mohameddians swear loyalty oaths? Comment…

    I respect the 3rd Amendment but should we draw a line?If so, where do we draw it? Types of houses? Numbers of soldiers? Renter’s insurance? Comment…

  7. I support Rep. Maria Donatucci’s idea of liability insurance. It would force all gun owners to join the NRA for the insurance. The NRA would have a budget of 5.2 Billion!

    Population of United States 313,914,040 (1)
    Self-Reported Gun Ownership 47% (2)
    for a total of 147,539,599 gun owners
    Each NRA membership is $35.00 / year
    $5,163,885,958.00 / year


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