The Repeal SAFE Movement

Counties are starting to pass resolutions opposing the New York SAFE Act. Niagara County has passed a unanimous resolution, along with Ulster County, and Schoharie County. Resolutions will be considered soon in Sullivan County, Delaware County, and Greene County.

BTW, Sullivan County is named after this guy, and not this criminal. Also notable is that not all of these counties are upstate. Sullivan and Ulster County are both considered part of the New York metro area, and a few are swing counties in terms of Democrat v. Republican.

UPDATE: Here’s a complete picture of the current county government resolutions. Looks pretty good.

7 thoughts on “The Repeal SAFE Movement”

  1. While the push-back is nice to see, gun owners in New York can’t really be sanguine about these resolutions. At this point, while heartfelt, they are little more than feel-good measures that are not likely to amount to anything. New York City controls the Assembly, and any serious effort to “repeal” any provision in law will have to be agreed to by Sheldon Silver and his city Democrats. And of course, Cuomo isn’t about to sign anything he would consider a repeal.

    As for the demographics, these resolutions really are an illustration of the upstate/downstate schism. Make no mistake that Sullivan and Ulster counties are considered “upstate” by most New Yorkers, despite all of the places the Census Bureau lumps in (some of which are in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania). Because of the great population concentrations “downstate” (i.e., NYC and its suburbs in Long Island and Westchester), and their correspondingly great political power, it really won’t amount to much even if every upstate county registers such a protest. The numbers just do not add up to significant political power, unfortunately.

  2. Lived in Ulster county and it was definitely NOT part of NYC. 90 miles away and all agriculture. Hunting was a very BIG deal. Large, influential sportsman’s clubs that included judges and politicians. Carried a rifle around the woods for years and nothing was ever thought of it. Rifles in the vehicles at school for late afternoon hunting after school let out. Definitely country and not city. P.S. lots of mountains as it is in the Catskills.

  3. But does this mean that the County Sheriffs will NOT be participating in Raids by the State Troopers if Cuomo orders them?

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