How the GOP Fared in the Collar Counties

John Micek covers the results of the elections in Pennsylvania last night:

We sat down and took a look at the electoral map this morning, and there’s some portents in there that should make Democrats very nervous indeed.

Despite a massive statewide voter registration edge, Republicans ultimately proved more motivated than Democrats last night. GOP voters turned out in droves in the allegedly blue Philadelphia suburbs.

Orie Melvin carried three of the four collar counties, picking up monster wins in Delaware County (56 percent) and Chester County (60 percent) and a clear majority in Bucks County (55 percent), unofficial tallies showed.

Panella eked out a win in Montgomery County, taking 50 percent of the vote. As you might expect, he cleaned up in Philadelphia, taking just about 79 percent of the vote. He also carried Allegheny County, Orie Melvin’s wheelhouse, with a shade over 51 percent.

So much the same as we saw in New Jersey. Low Democratic turnout lead to the GOP winning most of the collar counties around Philadelphia. The huge margin in Chester County is no surprise, since it’s still generally considered a Republican County, but Chesco went for Obama in 2008, along with all the other ring counties. Montgomery County is still the weakest for the GOP, but the strong GOP showing of Bucks and Delaware County should be encouraging for Republicans.

4 thoughts on “How the GOP Fared in the Collar Counties”

  1. Would anyone else not from PA like a visual example of what Sebastian is talking about when he discusses suburban Philly? Just curious since I really didn’t get it much until I moved here.

    1. I was kind of thinking of a mini SEPA map that he could link when he talks about them. The counties highlighted & named just to show what we mean by ring or collar. It helped me when I finally saw that they are a literal collar around the city.

  2. I grew up there, so I know all the places, but I think people who don’t know the area could use some help. At least add a description of the counties like in the NJ post.

  3. Heck, I’m on the far side of the Delaware and I have some difficulty following the geographical intricacies.

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