Flood the Colorado State House

Tomorrow they are planning on having a House vote in the Colorado legislature on four bills, a magazine ban, repeal of campus carry, a gun tax, and a ban on private transfers:

WE NEED YOU to stand united in this monumental fight and COME TO THE HOUSE GALLERY on Friday, February 15th to hold your state Representative accountable by making sure they vote NO on these restrictive bills.

Starts 9:00AM tomorrow. If you can’t attend in person, call.

2 thoughts on “Flood the Colorado State House”

  1. To some extent, I know how the liberals in Wisconsin felt. They flooded the capital building, made a lot of noise, but in the end the majority just voted against them. A couple of differences though …

    No one in that protest had a right diminished. They can still unionize and they can get a job elsewhere if they’re unhappy.

    But the biggest difference … those Republicans were elected on a campaign of fiscal responsibility, and what they did should have been no surprise. The Colorado Democratic party did damn sure NOT run as the party of gun control. We knew they wouldn’t expand gun control, and our governor had been part of Maig, but overall they just threw this on us because that’s what the national party wants.

    If we can’t stop this and then can’t vote Republicans back into a majority … we’ve lost it all. And it’s just going to get worse.

  2. So, as someone who likes to visit Colorado but doesn’t live there, who should I write to?

    I’d really like to tell them that if they outlaw my carry gun because it has a magazine larger than 10 rounds, I can’t come spend money there anymore.

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