Vote in Connecticut Tomorrow on Draconian Gun Control Package

It is time to pull out the stops, but it looks like Connecticut is another state, like New York, where gun owners have been sold out by the GOP minority. NRA is asking everyone to call, and to come out. Cabela’s in Hartford will be providing free shuttle service to the State Capitol. The vote is at 10:00AM at the Capitol, tomorrow, April 3rd.

15 thoughts on “Vote in Connecticut Tomorrow on Draconian Gun Control Package”

  1. THANK YOU, Sebastian! Connecticut Citizens Defense League is part of this as well, along with The National Shooting Sports Foundation.

    Oh, did you hear? President *cough* Obama will be coming to my State o’ Connecticut to whip-up the nannies and get all emotional. It should be aces. Yep.

    I’ll be sure to fill you in on His Amazing Words. I mean, he’s so dreamy, isn’t He? Yep, the best thing ever to happen to America.

  2. What’s so disturbing about this one is the fact that both Republicans and Democrats are working together to pass this legislation….at least that’s what i read on Foxnews. I wasn’t very hopeful for Conn. anyway. But it truly sucks b/c it’s going to become yet another example of how “successful” democrats are in their gun control fight and another notch in the anti-gunner’s belts. all i have to say is that I hope the gun owners come out in force in 2014 or else, it’s going to be a true loss forever. Not that changing to republicans would change any of the legislation anyway.

    1. Rumor has it that Larry Cafero, one of the two “Republicans” on board with this gun ban law, is hoping to position himself for a run at Governor of CT. This explains why he sided with the Dems, so he would be considered a more ‘feeling, sensitive, and loving’ kind of guy. I have met Mr. Cafero in person. He’s just another politician who needs a career.

  3. In regards to being “sold out” by Republican minority, here’s a link to the Republican state senators who voted for the SAFE Act in NY.

    If every single one of them had changed their votes, the SAFE act would have still passed the NY State Senate.

    Think about that for a bit. If every single anti-gun Republican state senator in NY had voted against the SAFE Act, it would have still passed.

    1. Indeed. So the NY Republicans sided on the wrong side of history and now look foolish for doing so, since they didn’t need to. Brilliant move, politicians of NY. Good on you.

  4. “Connecticut Republicans” are a bad joke. The few that actually exist can’t change anything.

  5. Expect this to be become law in EVERY state that is controlled by democrats in all fronts. And the GOP will sell us out. So expect what happened in CT to happen in literally every blue controlled state by the end of the year.

    Colorado they may (but doubtful) vote out and remove the draconian laws and people opposed to freedom but any East coast state will turn into the UK.

    Those on the left despite all we do have decided to ignore us. I wonder if obama has made promises to every state house and senator.

    1. The GOP has only sold us out in CT and NY. They have held firm in every other state we’ve been attacked in, so far.

      1. It must be something in the CT/NY water supply. Good thing I’m a paranoid prepper and drink filtered water/bottled water.

        I will probably not sleep tonight, awaiting tomorrow and this vote. There is still time to change all this. There is.

          1. Jim,

            Please let me hope against all odds. I know this is stacked against us I do. But all I can say to it is, “Nuts!”

            Thursday will probably be a different CT than the one we will say have on Wednesday. It reminds me of the passing of ObamaCare. The day after just plain sucked.

    2. Perhaps the East Coast states above VA ,NC ,SC ,GA and FL. Don’t lump us in with them.

  6. But they said we were going to have a conversation? Now they are just going to ram it through? I can’t believe they lied.

    1. This is democracy in action. Remember, they claim, again and again, that an overwhelming majority demand gun control!! The problem, though, is that we are to be a Republic, and not a democracy.

      This is fascism. Plain and simple. Fascism wrapped up in the Democrats and weak-a$$ed “Republicans”. They will regret this in 2014.

  7. Having lived in Connecticut, there are very few Republican politicians. There are a lot of Democrats who run on the Republican ticket because it’s far less crowded.

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