How the Tables Have Turned

You know we’re full of win when the anti-gun crowd is crowing that the media is bought and paid for, because, you know, they are reporting the truth about gun sales being up. Hey, what do you know, even the mainstream media figured out the gun control crowd were charlatans, and they aren’t buying it as hook, line and sinker as they used to. No wonder they are angry.

4 thoughts on “How the Tables Have Turned”

  1. Wow..Just wow..I know I shouldn’t be surprised by what I just read..But it still left me shaking my head.

  2. “The NRA has engaged in a systematic campaign to block the media’s access to critical and objective data on gun violence and the effectiveness of firearms regulation but they have no problem routinely pitching stories to reporters using some of the fuzziest data imaginable. Surprisingly, the media often publish some of the gun lobby’s most exaggerated claims verbatim with little or no fact-checking.”

    Suddenly the media wants objective data? Just what is it that they’re smoking?

    Edit: Duh, look at the authors, Ladd Everitt and Tim Johnson. That says everything I think.

  3. How would the NRA go about blocking “access to critical and objective data”? There’s this thing called the Internet…

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