4 thoughts on “Gun Control Details in Maryland”

  1. “The key is to make it painful for them.”

    Hear, Hear!

    Write that on the back of your hand. Until you can get it tattooed.

    That applies equally to whatever “friends in the legislator” as we may have there, playing the good-cop role.

  2. We need everyone we can at these hearings or writing their reps! The proposed bill would ban future “assault weapons”, require registration of existing arms and prohibit transport for any purpose except gunsmithing out-of-state. If you go to PA, VA or DE to shoot with a registered, banned gun, you can never bring it back. It also destroys service rifle and high power competition in the state since no unregistered banned firearm is permitted in the State.

    1. I intend to testify and mention that it will completely destroy the high power competitions.

      It will also kill Olympic 25-meter rapid fire pistol because almost all of those guns use a magazine outside of the pistol grip.

  3. We have arranged an overflow room at the Senate Office Building that can hold more than 500. The committee room holds more than 100 more. We also have a backup room ready for even more people. Cafeteria, vending machines and bathrooms are ready. We will also have wireless.

    Rally kicks off at 1130. Plan to arrive early and stay as long as you can.

    Hearings start at 1300. The governor is actually showing up for this one and is personally going to testify, from what we are told. So this is your chance to have he and his cronies hear from you direct.

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