Here We Go in Maryland

O’Malley is getting behind gun control too. Part of the strategy would appear to be to try to run us ragged fighting in blue states. Hopefully the Maryland legislature doesn’t allow the kind of corrupt smoke-filled-room type deals we just witnessed in New York. Andrew Cuomo won in New York because he shut down the Democratic process. If we get a chance to fight, we can fight. We didn’t lose Illinois, and I certainly don’t want to lose Maryland.

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  1. Countertop says:

    Remember, O’Malley is and Cuomo are in a race for the 2016 nomination. If O’Malley can be lead to believe that Cuomo’s action is going to backfire then he’ll cut it out. Plus, Maryland is a bit different than New York politically. Baltimore and DC have sway, but not the out sized level that New York City does.

    • Sebastian says:

      I agree. Maryland is far more like Illinois than New York. New York is also screwed by depopulation upstate.

      • HappyWarrior6 says:

        Part of what’s going to have to be a part of our side is keeping the momentum going and keeping the debate going on our terms… public, visible momentum. So what is happening next in NY?

        • Sebastian says:

          There needs to be a House vote, but that’s Democrat controlled. That will not be a fight. The next step in New York is to fight in the courts.

          • HappyWarrior6 says:

            And until then, what, everyone just hides their mags and packs it up and goes home?

            • Sebastian says:

              Yes, pretty much.

            • Sebastian says:

              But not go home. At some point, there is going to be a hearing in federal court. Gun owners need to surround that building. They need to be heard. They need to let the judges inside know what at stake.

            • Harold says:

              Or moves their soon to be illegal mags out of state for the duration. It’s likely to suck if you own a Garand with its integral 8 round magazine, though.

      • Pyrotek85 says:

        It’s not good what happened in NY but it’s not like we had it either. Honestly I’d have been surprised if they didn’t pass something. I mean, these are the people who bothered writing laws for over-sized soft drinks.

  2. MEH says:

    All quiet on the Western Front pretty much, aside from the normal BS out of the Seattle Police Department and King County Sheriff about gun buybacks etc (and the Times; apparently “literally hundreds” of people demonstrated downtown today for gun control and suddenly the city has a murder problem despite being on the whole very safe). The Governor’s office stated that they had no intention of proposing any new laws. It’s not just Red and Blue states, it’s cultural.

    • Ecurb says:

      MEH, do you have a good source on Washington gun news? Are there any blogs half as good as this one for our area?

  3. HappyWarrior6 says:

    You could look at it like that. They also had some form of a hi cap mag ban and AWB before, too. It’s just more obnoxious. The only good for PA that can come from this is that we “absorb” the pro-gun folk from our north and south and we now get multiple entry points for a defining court case to work its way through…

  4. RAH says:

    We are still waiting for the 4 the Circuit Ct on Wollard. I have no idea if O Malley will succeed or not. Md is demoocrat controlled and it is the pro gun Democrats that generally stop these bills.

  5. dustydog says:

    The Gazette (local Maryland news by county) reported the Republicans as saying they don’t have enough Democrats, O’Malley will be passing an extreme gun ban this year.

    The Maryland GOP facebook page has nothing about gun bans, it only covers taxes and wasteful spending. The could be interpreted either way – either that they don’t think the gun ban is serious enough to address, or that it is a forgone conclusion not worth spending any ammunition on.

  6. Harold says:

    Part of the strategy would appear to be to try to run us ragged fighting in blue states.

    Perhaps, but if there are enough cases like this they are also subject to defeat in detail, where those of us outside the state pick the best one to go after first, and as we win or at least get past the most expensive stage(s) move our major effort to the next state. We’ve got time (maybe; depending on the future makeup of the Supremes, assuming the current set will even be sympathetic, which per … Don Kates? is not the way to bet); it’s those in ever more “denied territory” who don’t have that luxury, but then again they should be the ones funding the fight in their own states anyway.

  7. jerry says:

    New York, Maryland, and I am shocked illinois failed to pass anything. Don’t worry, they have 2 more years and the dems control it all if I am not mistaken. So which state is next? California? Hawaii? Pennsylvania is republican controlled, even if they are “sensible, reasonable, moderates” so most likely no action there.

  8. Matt says:

    They’re going to be fighting for it in Maryland. Understand that for those who don’t live here, they try every year. They’ve always had the votes to do it. The question is whether they feel they can get away with it. Maryland gun owners are working to fill those hearing rooms and make their voices heard. Outside of Baltimore, Montgomery and PG counties, there is no appetite for this.

    O’Malley wants to be President too. He says a lot but it is up to the Senate and House to make it happen. We’ll see. They can try some New York blindsiding with short schedules on the bill hearings but the various orgs, notably MSI, are on top of such shenanigans.

    Fingers crossed and counting down the days to the end of the session.

    • Harold says:

      Yeah, Maryland, which I lived next to and sometimes worked in for a dozen years, and had some good gun owning friends in (they were born and raised in Montgomery or PG counties), has struck me as one of the best seriously anti-gun states. 20 round magazine limit, and they’ll even issue CCW licenses to people in real danger instead of uniformly telling them to go die in a ditch (which is legally biting them now, since they revoke the license after they judge the danger is over, which concedes the principle that ordinary people can be trusted).

    • Rob Crawford says:

      O’Malley wants to be President too.

      I don’t get how Cuomo and O’Malley think pissing off 40+ states worth of voters is supposed to help their presidential chances.

  9. Jesse says:

    As a Maryland resident I really hope you are right about MD being more like IL than NY.

    We can use all the help we can get on this.

  10. Patrick says:

    Maryland is not New York. We have beaten back gun control multiple times recently. This year is going to be much harder, especially with Bloomberg passing money around town.

    O’Malley cannot go full-bore like Cuomo did. His Democratic members have already told him that they have limits. He wanted a confiscation system and apparently could not get there.

    We will be pushing hard. Harder than we have ever pushed. State and national groups are coordinated and our members are poised to act. Importantly, we have on our side the “hunters and sportsmen” the other side claims does not care about gun control. New York is just one more example of why promises to exempt them is utter BS.

    We cannot guarantee that we can stop them. But I can guarantee that our rights will not be given up. They will have to come take them.