Carolyn McCarthy on Women and AR-15s

A woman shouldn’t use an AR-15, because “A rifle is more accurate.” This woman has no business pontificating on guns, let alone legislating on them.

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  1. Matt says:

    Does this woman understand accuracy is what is desired? She needs to be introduced to the phrase “Each bullet has a lawyer attached to it.” as part of personal self-defense. If a woman misses her attacker, she’s got a potential world of problems.

    I’ve never understood how personal loss translates into expertise on the mechanisms and cause of the loss. It’s like someone loses a loved one in a plane crash and suddenly they know more about air safety and aeronautical engineering than the FAA and Boeing/Airbus combined.

  2. Pyrotek85 says:

    This is what happens when they literally believe these ‘assault weapons’ only fire on full auto like it’s some action movie.

  3. Crotalus says:


  4. Ish says:

    I especially enjoy how Piers Morgan explictly states that a young woman attacked in her home who defends herself is a murderer.

    • Pyrotek85 says:

      I always hope he’s just being obtuse but I fear that’s not the case…

      • Harold says:

        Given that’s largely the attitude and law in the U.K. and for some time, your fear is well grounded.

    • Felix says:

      He is spouting the pacifist attitude that violence is always wrong, and that if *all* victims would stop resisting, burglars would have no need to be violent. Of course, this fails if even onevictim in a hundred resists, and you will get at least that many who can’t stand seeing their personal belongs rifled through, especially grandma’s necklace or grandpa’s pocket watch.

      What’s worse is the failure to acknowledge that women under attack have a lot more to fear than just robbery. Does he expect his mother, wife, and daughters to just lay back and get it over with? Does he tell them that?

  5. NotClauswitz says:

    What, she’s been drinking again? The Stoopid, it *~!BuRPs!~*

  6. Jake says:




  7. UTLaw says:

    *Shiva facepalm*

    (Stolen from Miguel at Gun Free Zone)

  8. Flubnut says:

    I will volunteer to take my wife, who has never shot anything, to the range. I’ll give her a 9mm handgun, a 12g shotgun, and and a .223 caliber rifle. Target is 7 yards out. Want to make a bet which gun she can fire most accurately, with the lowest chance for collateral damage?

    This would actually make for a nice YouTube video. If someone beats me to it, I promise not to take offense…

  9. Zermoid says:

    How can soooooo much stupid be packed into one person?

  10. New Chris says:

    I love how everyone is suddenly an expert on tactics.

    An expert like Lt. Col. Dave Grossman suggests we defend our schools from attack, and some talking head soccer mom says she doesn’t think more guns in schools will stop mass killers…

    Wait who the F are you and why do you feel entitled to an opinion on defensing soft targets from violent attacks?

    These two opinions are not equal, not even close.

    If there is any takeaway form this whole post Sandy Hook madness, it’s that we really need a better system for qualifying the opinions expressed in public. Maybe we need a permitting process for the First Amendment…

    • Ish says:

      Violence Policy Center Against Illegal Badthink, or whatever that group is called, has snatched up one of the victims of the Aurora shootings as their new spokesman. He’s been making the rounds on NPR, CNN, etc., because its more effective to wave the bloody shirt if its actually your own blood.

      No law enforcement experience, not a lawyer, nor a legal scholar, not a veteran, and near as I can tell has never fired anything higher calibre than a Nintendo Light Zapper… But he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and now he’s an expert.

  11. Andy says:

    Huh. Have to go surf for reaction from the female gun bloggers. I’m sure Tam has… commentary.

  12. Other Steve says:

    I’ll just leave this here…

  13. W says:

    So let me get this straight:
    1. “Women can do anything a man can do”, and as such, should be permitted to serve in infantry/armor/arty/SPECOPS units in the US military.

    HINT -I’ll take “What is the standard issue US military rifle” for 500, Alex.

    2. Rep. McCarthy says that women should not defend themselves at home with (essentially) the same weapon issued to (female) soldiers/marines currently deployed……..uh….wait….um……………disconnect much?

    Do these people think before they speak…..? Oh, my bad, I expected them (leftists) to “think” instead of “feel”. Dammit, what was I thinking?!?!

    Seriously, do we not see a bit of an intellectual and policy contradiction here?

    Semper Fi!

  14. Braden Lynch says:

    Does she take her tiny brain out at night and play with it?

    She should be removed from office for being this dumb.
    To think she gets to vote on our laws makes me vomit.

  15. I’ve found that liberals HATE conservative women.

    The visceral, emotional, mean-spirited reaction to Sarah Palin — who could be fairly criticized for many substantive things but instead was pilloried for being a female conservative — pissed me off tremendously. It is what pushed me further to the right (or up off the axis to libertarian land) than any other single issue.

    I call it the “nuts and sluts” treatment. I guarantee you that if some of these antis were shown, say, the interview with Jessie Duff they’d be slandering her as a promiscuous sellout crack whore who has mental issues within minutes. They can’t help themselves when confronted with a female who disagrees with them. I’m really excited about potential 2016 candidates like Nikki Haley (R-SC) but dread how they will be treated by the media and opposition.