Messing With the Wrong People

A computer tech in Colorado apparently, upon hearing that Obama was spinning off OFA as “Organizing for Action,” went out and registered the .net domain and redirected it to the NRA. Someone else, a Florida Republican, grabbed .com and .org. I’m guessing perhaps the machine is not so well oiled as we have been lead to believe. First they botch the launch of the gun control effort, and apparently also never bothered to preregister the major domains before they made the announcement. That’s amateur hour stuff right there. That’s the kind of mistake I’d expect a gun control group to make. Maybe once you embrace gun control, all competence goes out the window?

12 thoughts on “Messing With the Wrong People”

    1. Are you suggesting the Obama campaign would sue a private citizen for engaging in a legal act of commerece and free-speech? I’m shocked — shocked! — that you could assume such a thing.

      Let’s hope they’ve all got good tax attorneys on retainer.

      1. As Organizing For Action is their actual name, they have a pretty strong case in court. There’s a reason why McDonalds owns, etc.

        But if nothing else, this makes them look like the incompetent bunch of boobs they really are.

        1. This is hilarious, but I’d be careful of underestimating OFA. It’s likely that a lot of their best talent moved on to other jobs after the election, but that doesn’t mean ALL of them did.

          Not to mention, the Dems are pretty good at disinformation.

    2. I wonder if there’s a good argument for “political speech” as a defense against a cyber-squatting suit in this case.

  1. But, doesn’t this somewhat undercut the theory that the current gun control initiative was in long-time planning, just waiting for the last election to be followed by an excuse like the Newtown tragedy?

    1. The current initiative has been waiting for its moment since before Obama got into politics. I can see the bills being ready and waiting but the intersect with the Obama campaign being driven by events.

      Long-planned doesn’t necessarily lead to hyper-competent execution.

  2. If OFA goes after this, it will just be because this is getting media attention. Everything with OFA is now being coordinated through from the looks of things over there. This is all about promoting Obama as a brand.

  3. “Maybe once you embrace gun control, all competence goes out the window?”

    I’m thinking that is backwards: “competent” do not embrace gun control.

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