8 thoughts on “NRA More Popular Than Obama”

  1. And how many of those “unfavorables” are those who honestly support gun rights but no longer trust the NRA due to past behavior?

    I know a few people still pissed at some of the compromises the NRA has made previously, not to mention how pissed they were with throwing the 1st Amendment under the bus.

    Still, quite telling.

  2. Barron: Maybe 1/2 of a percent, and that’s stretching it.

    Mostly in the general population it’s people who hate guns and therefore (reasonably enough) hate the NRA.

    And a good portion of it is (if my experience with Progressives via Facebook is any guide) people who have been told the NRA is Wicked And Evil and believe it.

    (“The NRA opposes banning machineguns!” … did you know?

    News to me, too, but try telling someone who’s been told that by All The Right People that it’s not true.

    Of course, that’s a lot like “try telling them that legal machineguns have never really been a criminal problem”…)

  3. NRA cares about America’s schoolchildren enough to call for the armed security that is the only thing that can stop a school shooting, while Obama wants to keep his “Gun-Free Schools Zones” in place, so that he can advance his gun ban agenda on the graves of dead children. Who cares more about America and our children?

  4. Speaking of poularity,

    Heer’s on for ya:

    Cheaper Than Dirt! is advertising on Glenn Beck’s Radio show. Beck is doing the voice work himself.

    Yesterday, he was badmouthing tomorrow’s gun rights rallies as ‘useless’.

    Beck is going on ‘the list’. I have no idea why conservatives love this guy so much.

  5. Useless? Why, because he’s not the one who organized it?

    There are times when Beck is firing on all cylinders but there’s also times when he gives the impression he’s been sniffing his own butt a little too much.

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