9 thoughts on “Seven Deadly Sins of Obama”

  1. He didn’t create it? Well he sure won’t let it die. The worst thing for business is uncertainty – and his whole administration has been nothing but uncertainty. Businesses have no idea what he has up his sleeve for the future, and as a direct result, they’re saving their dollars instead of investing them.

    I’m not nearly as reluctant to blame Obama for the current economic situation as you – of course, I’ve also seen my [small] company lay off over a hundred people because our clients aren’t spending money anymore (see above). Hope and Change.

  2. Maybe that will be his new campaign slogan. “It’s not my fault”.

    Hope you get a job
    Hope you keep your home
    Hope you can afford to send your kids to college

    Change and downgrade your living conditions
    Change employment status to unemployed
    Change your diet to cat food and alpo
    Change your kids expectations a lower life outlook.

  3. Yeah, I’m sorry – Obama and his administration are directly responsible for the severity of the economy right now. Bush started the ball rolling with the bail outs, but Obama ran with it making things exponentially worse.

    This isn’t to cast aside the blame required for the GOP and Bush before hand (although, who was controlling the purse strings then? Hmmm?) but the economic uncertainty provided by an administration that has shown itself to be anti-business and willing to use agencies such as the EPA to force their will on the populace is squarely Obama’s fault. He wanted the job for the perks, he gets the shitty end of the stick to boot.

  4. What Mike and Robb Allen said.

    John Lott has been documenting it in excruciating (pun intended) detail. Search under his labels “Economy” and “Unemployment”.

  5. I think some of the article is correct, but I have to take issue with the concept that oil exploration will have much of an influence at all on the country’s economy. People seem to think more U.S. oil production means lower prices, but our potential production isn’t nearly large enough to influence the market price. Yes, domestic oil exploration does create jobs for those doing it, but unless you’re willing to ban exporting oil then it doesn’t matter if the oil comes out of the ground in Nigeria or Oklahoma, the cost to the consumer is the same. Adding more U.S. production to world commodities markets might lower the worldwide cost a little bit, but probably not very much or for very long since it’s competitive bidding for oil by developing economies that is causing prices to rise.

  6. Obama will lose the next election. Wrong place and the wrong time. Maybe not his fault, but obamacare ain’t helping fix things. DEREGULATION is needed.

    My company is not hiring, still down sizing and demanding more of those they keep. My hours have jumped from 44 to 54 a week, SALARY!! I must add that my company just posted 2nd quarter numbers that would be looked at as spectacular!

  7. “Obama will lose the next election…” Agreed. All the more reason everybody needs to get involved right now with the GOP nominating process to ensure the best candidate, or at least one with marginal qualifications, wins the nomination. We need to call an end to amateur hour.

  8. “It’s time for a Reagan, and that Reagan is Gary Johnson.”

    +1! Damn straight, Mike!

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