If You Think the Phrase “Semi-Auto Ban” is Overly Broad…

I’ve seen many gun owners argue that the anti-gun efforts aren’t aimed at their guns. Some don’t like that many of us describe so-called “assault weapons bans” as semi-auto rifle bans, even though that’s exactly what they are banning (or, in many cases, much, much more). In this case, Exurban Kevin notes that Time Warner is banning all images of semi-automatic firearms of any kind in commercials.

They, of course, will continue to show movies that feature criminals using semi-automatic firearms to kill and hurt people. But, allowing law-abiding gun owners to be shown what they can legally purchase and use at the range or for home defense is clearly crossing their moral line in the sand.

UPDATE: It just occurred to me. Time Warner Cable is now going to refuse every Hollywood movie trailer with a semi-automatic firearm. Right? Oh, wait, no. This is only a rule targeted at hurting our community.

12 thoughts on “If You Think the Phrase “Semi-Auto Ban” is Overly Broad…”

  1. Heck, Time-Warner will likely continue to show movies that feature criminals with fully automatic weapons of all makes and sizes.

  2. It’s going to be hard for us to drive home the reality that the Second Amendment != The Right To Hunt when the @$$hats at Time Warner pull stunts like this.

  3. It looks to me like “gun pointed at people” is the operative part of that statement. Which is hypocritical as hell from a media company, but not a ban on semiautomatic firearms on TV ads.

    1. You forgot the “and” in that assumption that it’s about guns pointed at people. Their statement says that all ads featuring “semi-automatic weapons AND guns pointed at people” are banned now.

      1. Didn’t forget, I’m just assuming the asshat who wrote that statement believes semiautomatic weapons and guns are different things or things that need to be clarified as equal inclusions in that clause. Graphically, I’m suggesting they mean: (semiautomatic weapons + guns) AND (pointed at people), instead of (semiautomatic weapons) AND (guns pointed at people).

        You might be right, but I hope I am.

  4. Time Warner Cable = New York City, commie douchebags. Please! Get your TV elsewhere! They are leftist to the core.
    How tightly aligned with Bloomberg are they? You know he’s always sneaking around in the background doing things.

  5. They’ve been doing this kind of garbage for a long time with Christians. If a movie has Christians in it, they’re bigoted small towners that have a dark secret that reveals their hypocrisy to the audience.
    Conversely, the “right” kind of people are always portrayed well, and on the right side of history-or victims.
    Just another reason to avoid the boob tube.

  6. I just found out that Time Warner is based in NY, and now they’re doing this bullshit.

    Time to pull the plug.

    Regrettably my other option for broadband is Comcast based in Philly which isn’t much better, but still should be better than Time Warner. And screw New York.

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