9 thoughts on “Undercover Feds at SHOT?”

  1. Those are not “undercover” people if they are leaving business cards. Undercover means you will never know they are undercover until you go to trial.

  2. I am at SHOT. Security in general is tight, and there are signs everywhere asking people to report suspicious activity.

    The ATF booth had about 20 agents in suits and ties staffing it…but no one handed me a card at all…

    1. One of John Richardson’s commentators speculated they were “looking for ITAR violations with NV/optics equipment”. Which makes sense, lots of countries can make guns, but many many fewer can make the compact stuff that allows us to “own the night”.

      On the other hand, it sounds like this level of activity might be unprecedented. Or perhaps the reporter is new to the SHOT Show, or we’re, somehow, I can’t imagine why, a little more wary this year….

  3. Why would anyone think undercover agents weren’t there — even if the plainclothes agents are making themselves obvious?

    A friend of mine who was working for the FCC some year ago, though not as an “agent,” was sent on special assignment to an anarchists convention in Chicago just to see what pirate radio broadcasters might be up to. And when I was kid, a guy who stopped at our house for water for the radiator of his ’33 Pontiac was a Game Commission agent. It is not being paranoid to think agents are everywhere, because they usually are.

  4. Why is this news?

    If there is not at least one ATF or LEO at every gun show or major shooting event already certain chiefs and ATF branch heads should be answering some very uncomfortable questions.

    There are existing laws on the books and gun shows present an opportunity to specifically spot and make arrests for firearms offenses and spot known felons. While I think the current laws are generally wrong and new laws certainly are, its a no brainer to be there with the latest wanted list handy and keep an eye out.

    I would prefer to have an above board, uniformed presence to build community with law enforcement in addition to any undercover agents.

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