7 thoughts on “Reid Says He’ll Bring Gun Legislation to the Floor”

  1. Dingy Harry has a scandal brewing and he’ll do whatever it takes to make it go away – including letting anti-gun rights legislation make it to the floor.

    1. Has this scandal gotten any further than A alleges B alleged he had an in with Reid and collected money on that basis?

      Very thin gruel the last time I checked; if Reid is innocent he knows than and knows he’s not in any trouble.

  2. I can’t trust this man. An A-rated Senator should say any gun legislation would be unconstitutional and bury it, not use the House Republicans as cover. He needs to proclaim gun control illegal and dead on its own merits, or he’s totally untrustworthy and just Obama’s shill. IMHO. – Arnie

  3. Markie Marxist sez: “Uh, is this real gun control legislation, like we were told, or is more scarier?”

  4. Reid will use Obama, Leahy and the kids as cover. Reid, like any politician, can’t be trusted for any length of time.


  5. He might bring the universal background checks up for a vote, and maybe something about school guards and mental health, but probably nothing more. Mister Reid still wants to be majority leader and a senator and he won’t be if he allows something that is totally repugnant to the second amendment to come up for a vote.

    1. I pray you are right, Clay. I’ve been burned so many times by “pro-2A” Democrats and “moderate Republicans,” who invariably have voted with the Democratic elitists in the past. We’ll see, I guess. – Arnie

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