DSCC Mining Supporters By Demonizing NRA

Well, it would seem the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee wants to capitalize on the great popularity of what was, a few weeks ago, considered a losing issue for Democrats. Time to cash in on gun control, for the children. From a reader via e-mail:

Breaking Washington Post Headline: “NRA planning ‘the fight of the century’” [NAME] – Today, we have the momentum to take monumental steps toward reducing gun violence.

But the NRA and their army of lobbyists are working to tear any proposal to shreds. If we don’t stand up to the NRA immediately, they will destroy our chance to stop gun brutality. But the window of opportunity is so small that I need you to act right now so it doesn’t slip away.

Sign the petition and denounce the NRA immediately. Stand with Democrats who want to reduce gun violence. Let’s get 100,000 signatures by midnight tonight!

The NRA will do anything to demolish common-sense gun laws. They even released a repulsive ad that calls President Obama an “elitist hypocrite,” and uses his children as political pawns.

It looks like a means to collect names. My guess is they will then tag that person as interested in gun control as a topic, and use that to solicit donors.

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  1. “and uses his children as political pawns.” where have we seen that move recently……………..

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