Oh. My. Lord.

Sebastian is finally back from Boston. This morning was incredible. It’s been far too long without that kind of relaxation. He finished up and then, BAM, things were ready to go again. No recovery time to speak of at all. Don’t even get me started on the force. Wow. It’s never been that powerful before. It’s amazing knowing that it can last just as long as a person can take it. It was so freakin’ HOT and STEAMY!

Of course, I’m talking about our new water heater which was finally finished today.

Due to travel, out-of-stock parts, and scheduling issues, the installation had to be split up in two and they finally made it out here early this morning. The plumber warned me that the flow rate would be lower than what we were used to, and while I was a little disappointed since higher water pressure makes washing my mass of hair much easier, I was willing to accept it. Turns out that it went the other direction because the water pressure is outstanding.

I let Sebastian take the first shower with the new water heater, and I jumped up to grab my towels so I could see if this thing was really as good as promised with not having to wait for hot water. I didn’t even stick my hand in to check the temperature first, I just jumped right in. Amazing. Seriously awesome. Hot water on demand and as much as you want with higher water pressure than before.

Don’t tell Sebastian, but I think I’m in love with the new tankless unit. Hell, I’m even excited to do laundry again.

8 thoughts on “Oh. My. Lord.”

  1. And the very best part is there is no end to the hot water. And of course, you are not paying to keep forty gallons of water at “luke” 24/7 so you get a hot bath.


  2. “You are, of course, going to hell for what that intro paragraph did to your male audience…. ;)”

    I’ll be in my bunk…

  3. I think it’s funny that some think this version of the intro paragraph was bad. I just informed Sebastian that my initial version was really bad. I toned it down even before sending it to him for review. :)

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