Drug Tests for Buying a Gun?

This idea would now seem to be endorsed by the Brady Campaign, as there is a White House petition for it as well. You can see the kind of juice the Brady Campaign has by the numbers appearing there. I’m wondering what other fundamental constitutional right requires you to pee pee in a cup before you can exercise it. It’s certainly interesting to see what new and strange ideas the Brady Campaign is supporting.

An additional 200 signatures have been added to the anti-HR822 petition since this morning. I’m becoming more convinced the White House may be using the e-mails they are collecting to get people to sign that petition. An intrepid reader has noted many of these folks track to individuals who are just generic lefties.

If you get anything from the White House, or anyone else, asking you to sign that petition, please forward it along to me. This could be a critical piece of evidence that could be used as a political club when the elections roll around. This is especially true if the e-mail is deceptive.

UPDATE: Welcome Instapundit readers. Just FYI, the pro-HR822 petition, which is the bill that create a national recognition scheme for concealed carry licenses, meaning states will recognize licenses from other states universally, can be found here. Please take some time to sign your name to it, so we can beat the forces of Obama and Mayor Bloomberg who are attempting to defeat it.

21 thoughts on “Drug Tests for Buying a Gun?”

  1. Judging from some of the comments on their FB post linking to this petition, even some supporters of complete civilian, military, and law enforcement disarmament think this is a stupid idea.

    They tried to use the Florida law mandating drug tests for public welfare programs as their rationalization, knowing full well how wildly unpopular that law is among their supporters. Or maybe they’re just that dense and didn’t know. I wouldn’t be surprised, seeing how whoever is running their FB page either doesn’t know what medical cannabis is, or doesn’t know it’s still illegal federally.

  2. Many people have called for drug testing of welfare recipients. It seems reasonable that individuals seeking to purchase firearms should also be required to submit to a drug test prior to gaining ownership of these deadly weapons.

    Is the Brady campaign endorsing drug testing for welfare recipients? That is certainly the implication by this text. Or is this another case of them trying to show someone else’s hypocrisy by being hypocritical themselves?

  3. I just checked out the open petitions we are supporting, and we’ve blasted off in numbers. The four are HR822, Repeal Hughes Amendment, Remove Silencers from NFA, and Remove SBR/SBS’s from NFA. They have all gotten more than the minimum of 150 sigs to go public.

  4. “I think it’s time to drug test the bizarre behaving brady bunch and csgv.”

    Hell, those people aren’t on drugs, they’re just stupid.

  5. Drug testing in order to exercise a constitutionally protected right? Major fail.

    On the other hand, mandatory random drug testing for all politicians – Federal, State and local seems entirely in order, considering the POWER we loan then to wield. Wouldn’t want that getting out-of-hand-crazy, would we? Think of the children!

  6. “Drug testing in order to exercise a constitutionally protected right? Major fail.”

    +1 persiflage.

  7. I think drug testing should be required of anyone who desires to exercise his First Amendment rights in public. It would sure cut down on the congestion on Wall Street these days!

  8. What I think we all are missing is that these people don’t buy into absolutes. To them, everything is provisional, negotiable, process, disconnected concretes – except their own awesomeness and ability to rule all. The moment we conceded a single molecule of our lives to society, they won complete ownership of all of us. Until we expose their claims on our lives (lock, stock & barrel) as utter evil, we give them sanction. Sanction to make the other guy pee for whatever it is that’s not a big deal to us.

  9. How about drug tests to work in a gov’t job, get welfare or any other public handout, and especially SERVE IN PUBLIC OFFICE.

  10. Right after they start drug testing for welfare and all other forms of government support.

  11. I would sign HR 822, but not on a whitehouse.gov website. I am too suspicious of that group. Why is it on that site?

  12. Again, not anti-gun, anti freedom! They have just as much contempt for the 4th Amendment as they do the 2nd. And really all of the bill-of-rights is “outdated” in their book, I’m sure.

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