A Counter Petition

Things are going to moving at a fast pace probably all this week, as the political struggle of our lives takes shape. There is a counter-petition at the White House petition site that’s up to 18,000 signatures. Surely we can do better than the gun control movement.

17 thoughts on “A Counter Petition”

  1. Kinda like the sheep petitioning the lion not to eat them. Won’t do any good. But I signed it anyway.

    1. It would be unwise to assume all the signers are sheep, for

      On the Internet, Nobody Knows You’re a Dog

      Or sheepdog, or I’m sure there’s the occasional wolf that might sign such a petition.

  2. Can’t support the 1A restriction in it that already failed at SCOTUS (CA’s Leland Yee “violent video games” BS bill).

  3. Humm… i went to the site but it was telling me that I’ve already signed the petition. Curious thing, I don’t recall signing anything yet. Manipulation?

  4. The online petitions at the White House website mean nothing to the current regime if they don’t fit within their wannabe Marxist dictatorial agenda. If they truly did mean anything, Texas, and many other states where personal freedom and personal responsibility actually mean something, should have been allowed to peacefully secede by now.

  5. I’m more than a little annoyed by those who feel the need to ‘point out’ that the petition means nothing because it will be ignored, especially as an excuse for not signing. At the very least, and I mean that literally, we ought to be able to take the 30 seconds a person so that they can’t say that ‘a petition by gun owners to assert their rights’ failed to get many signatures. It’s a small gesture, sure, but as push comes to shove it comes time to take all the victories we can in all the places we can.

  6. I signed. Considering I like to stay anonymous, I still signed. Number 22,475. And my first time commenting here! I’ve been a reader for a couple years now.

  7. I cannot in good conscience sign that petition. It, just like the media, puts blame on violent video games, rather than the sick and twisted individual.

  8. I am not sympathetic to the video game argument, by any means. But they have greater constitutional protection than guns. Strategically, putting this stuff on the table isn’t the threat putting guns on the table is.

    1. As Ive pointed out to friends, every time there is a mass murder of this sort, I end up having to become an activist for a subset of society that I have or currently associate with.

      I’ve become not only a firearms activist, but a goth / otaku / videogame activist as well.

  9. For what ever its worth,I sign but I hope we aren’t giving this regime a list of handy targets…….

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