Deal Reached in New York?

The Huffington Post has some details. Other articles talk about Republicans having reservation. Remember folks:

  • 7 round limit on magazines. No grandfathering.
  • One feature test. Most modern semi-automatic firearms banned. Limited grandfathering. Registration for all.
  • No due process for mental health prohibitions. A physician can get you prohibited.
  • NICS checks for ammo. No online ammo sales.

Get calling, if you live in New York. Note how they are doing all of this behind closed doors and trying to ram it through quickly? They learned from Illinois.

UPDATE: More here

UPDATE: Sold out by the Republicans. I’m sorry New York. 43-18 in the Senate. The Senate was really the only chance to stop this.

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  1. It’s too late for phone calls. The senators are currently at their desks preparing to vote, with a virtually empty gallery.


    Okay, where’s a decent rural area in PA that’s not too expensive and friendly to firearms?

    1. There’s no friendly, not friendly here. We have preemption. But if you come here, you need to fight, because we’re not staying pro-gun forever.

    2. Please don’t come to PA. We have enough problems as it is, without NYers coming here to turn PA into NY.

      1. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not exactly enamored with NY’s way of doing things. I’m here by circumstance, not choice.

        1. We have plenty of New Yorkers here in Florida. They move here because NY sucks, and then constantly tell us how we don’t do things correctly, and “this is how we did it in NY,” while calling us hicks, inbred rednecks, uneducated rubes, etc.
          That is why South Florida has become a liberal annex, NY South, if you will.

          1. I think a very good question to ask such people is this: “If New York is so great, then why did you leave?” I’d really like to know their answers–and it boils down to this: They had to leave New York, because the State was broken in a fundamental way. If we do things in [New State] like we did in New York, we’ll become broken ourselves.

            It always amazes me how much progressivism is literally a virus: a progressive State produces like-minded viruses who clamor for welfare, high taxes, and so forth…and then, when the taxes and regulations become unbearable, they leave…only to carry their ideas with them.

            We’re in a desparate need to figure out how to inoculate our Free States from those who flee the Infected ones! Indeed, if we could just teach people to be free, then these refugees can be a valuable asset…

  3. So, uh…what on Earth could the “good” guys have gotten out of this to make them agree so easily?

    1. The rumor is that Cuomo was willing to redirect some money and influence towards the Republicans if they passed it. The Senate GOP was already in a tenuous position, and this will only serve to make it worse for them. A bunch of GOP Senators made a lot of voters very mad tonight, and I’m sure Cuomo was well aware of that. Divide and conquer.

      1. And by ‘money’, I meant funding and such. There were also some anti-crime provisions in the bill which weren’t expected to pass the Assembly on their own that were included.

    1. It has to be. By banning any magazine over 7 rounds, they have de facto banned nearly every semi-automatic firearm in existence.

      Quick as you can, other than a 1911, name a semi-auto that has <=7 round mags. Basically it's that class of micro 9mm and .380s.

      Other than those limited examples, there are no semi-auto mags of that capacity and likely won't be. The likelyhood of the manufacturers making special mags just for NY is effectively zero…

      1. Desert Eagle 50AE has a 7 round capacity. ;)
        Are fifty calibers banned in NY?

  4. Interesting things I found from looking at the bill (S22330-2013):

    1) Featureless rifles (like they have in California) will still be legal.
    2) The list of guns banned by name was taken out.
    3) They include semi-auto shotguns with thumbhole stocks, but not ones with pistol grips.
    4) They ban semi-auto pistols with folding, telescoping, or thumbhole stocks.
    5) They exempt fixed magazine rifles that hold more than five rounds (so I guess there is no magazine limit on those?)
    6) You can keep your magazines that hold ten rounds, but if you put more than 8 rounds into them, you will be fined (if inside your home) or fined and charged with a misdemeanor (if outside your home).

    1. 5) So Garands are safe? I still think it’s an excellent battle rifle and would have kept mind if it wasn’t so heavy (I’ve got mild RSI from too many years of typing).

      6) Really brings out how silly this law is.

      But both of these will decrease the immediate intense opposition to the law. Assuming of course you were able to look at the actual copy that was voted on.

  5. Vote every “Yes” Senator out next time or challenge him with a Tea Party candidate in their next primary..votes/elections have consquences. This is a disastrous day NYS forearms owners. All Others: We must be heard! Donate to NRA, pro-gun Congressman /Senators- let them know you are Fully pro-2a, fax, email letters, sign others up!!!

  6. PA will eventually fall, too. They only have to win once, and they have unlimited opportunities to keep trying. We have to win every time. The only hope at this point is a “common use” argument to try to smack this law down.

    1. It wasn’t THAT long ago that we were on the other side of that. Fight’s never over unless you give up.

      1. Indeed; I gather Wilson’s 47D magazine with a dished follower has been a standard for a long time, and they’re what I use in mine.

        Then again per RR above you may be able to keep yours as long as you only load 7 rounds in them, and it’s only a fine if you load more (up to 10) in your house.

        Hmmm, you could make some Dirty Harry riffs off this silliness, ignoring the minor detail of the slide locking back.

        1. It is, but no one uses those since the 8 rounders became widely available, which was years and years ago.

  7. So this law applies to all citizens right, including police officers and the security agents protecting the political class?

    If not why not?

  8. To all New York residents: I’ll buy your 30 round AR magazines for $10 each, no questions asked. Any pistol magazines greater than 12 rounds, same deal, 20-round M1A mags I’ll go $12 each. Since you have chosen to live under Cuomo’s regime, you should be glad I’m offering you a way out of felony charges, and money in your pocket besides.

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