Blood in the Streets

Chicago’s top cop says there will be, because his guys will shoot armed citizens. And now a President whose home is that corrupt sewer of a city thinks he gets to tell the rest of us what our gun laws need to look like.

7 Responses to “Blood in the Streets”

  1. Andy B. says:

    Google “Northern Ireland” AND “Shoot to Kill.” Read the history, then consider that our guys go to the same schools as/with the Brits.

    (Actually Congress had stopped training the RUC at Quantico, but GWB restarted it, unilaterally, not long after 9/11.)

    Of course I don’t know if they learned from us or we from them, but some of what went on in Iraq was predictable from Northern Ireland. Whatever you thought of the situation — study it and perhaps see our own future.

  2. Harold says:

    If you read closely what he said, it’s just SOP for today’s modern “law enforcement” officers, who replaced the peace officers of old who were willing to take chances with their lives to minimize civilian deaths. The same thing that results in more than a few Blue-on-Blue deaths with undercover cops who aren’t quick enough to identify themselves (in my Missouri concealed carry course I heard one chilling first hand story from an officer teacher who almost shot a fellow officer who did something incredibly stupid).

    It is clear, though, that’s he’s focusing on the usual “blood on the streets” argument, and I’d add that he knows there are almost certainly more than a few real criminals in his force….

  3. Ish says:

    One does not simply keep and bear arms in Mordor on the Michigan.

    • Zermoid says:

      They should put up signs at their borders.
      “Now leaving the United States of America, your Rights are null and void here, you only have the right to do what we tell you to do.”

      • Harold says:

        Massachusetts has ones like that on their firearms laws on major highways entering the state, at least as of the early ’90s when I left. Of course, the FOPA of ’86 was pretty new then.

  4. Hmm…so can we shoot plain clothes officers for being thugs?