Is Anyone Home in the Philadelphia Media?

The city gets two gun laws outright thrown out before anyone has even tried to enforce them, and the other three are dismissed on standing, which is not the same as the laws being upheld, the city has gone and declared victory.  Now the AP seems to have gotten it right, but the city media?  Hook, line and sinker baby.  Joe Grace, I have to hand it to you.  You’re a brash and brazen scheister, but you’re good.  Anyone who can do media relations for a guy as corrupt and crooked as John Street has to be.

The Philadelphia Metro should be ahsamed of itself, though.  When you’re just a propaganda arm of City Government, what good are you as journalists?  Are you doing any service to the citizens of Philadelphia?

One thought on “Is Anyone Home in the Philadelphia Media?”

  1. It is looking like we need an overhaul of the media before we can overhaul the government of left wing nuts.

    It is going to be bad times when the left installs their socialist regime and the media is just spewing out their propaganda, we will turn into puppets of the state then.

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