9 thoughts on “No Prosecution for David Gregory”

  1. We should thank Mr. Gregory, he put MPD in a tough spot:
    a) prosecute one of the “more equal than others”, or
    b) basically admit that a box with a spring isn’t dangerous

    As much as I hate blatant hipocracy, I’m glad they went with option b

    1. Errr, important detail, the decision was by a US Federal Department of Justice Attorney, i.e. he answers to Holder and Obama. While the law is D.C.’s (but only under the blessing of the Congress), due to the district’s unique nature all prosecutions are “Federal cases” as it were. The MPD presented the results of their investigation to this prosecutor, who declined “despite the clarity of the violation of this important law” as he put it.

      I.e. judging it was willful, establishing mens rea (“guilty mind”), not that that’s needed for this law, which was charged in over 100 cases in 2012.

      So given the Federal nature of this, I go further than our host and say the Fed have lost all their moral rights to impose magazine bans on us.

  2. Cool, when the SWATties kick my door down and shoot the cats, while they’re cuffing me I’ll remind myself that they have no moral right.

    That’ll show ’em.

    1. …and I’ll remind them too, just to bask in the extra bonus moral superiority when they knock a few teeth out for not knowing my place.

  3. It seems to me that if I were the attorney of anyone who was charged
    with this crime, I’d subpoena Gregory and those who determined not to
    charge him. Get them on the stand in front of the jury explaining why Gregory’s case was different from my client’s.

  4. This decision kills the campaign to ban magazines. Now whenever any blow-hard anti-gunner raises the issue, one can simply retort, “but what about unindicted gun-criminal David Gregory?”

    1. Ah, it won’t kill it, but it seriously cripples it.

      The gun grabbers, well look at who they’ve been waving their hands furiously (see below), plus he didn’t have a gun—err, they could tailor a new law to require having both a magazine and a gun that will accept it. As David “Iowahawk” Burge sums it up:

      David Gregory can have and do illegal stuff because journalism. And because free speech. Also, because shut up.

      The gun grabbers are big on that last one, e.g. Piers Morgan’s “How dare you!” They demand a “national conversation” where we just listen to them.

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