The National Conversation on Guns

Maybe it’s time to replace Reasoned DiscourseTM with National ConversationTM. I’ve been paying scant attention to what the Bradys and CSGV are up to, as I believe those organizations are just as swept up in greater forces and greater politics at work here as we are. They are along for the ride, not pulling the strings. Bloomberg and his Mayors are now the real, and dangerous enemy. Making fun of CSGV and their looniness was fun and entertaining in easier times, but the future of the gun control movement is elsewhere. Let us not lose sight of who we’re really up against.

7 Responses to “The National Conversation on Guns”

  1. Robb Allen says:

    We’ll need a new icon. A man putting his hand on another man’s mouth, maybe?

  2. Jeff says:

    1. I have a Va. CCW; have trained with at least 6 nationally known firearms trainers; and would gladly offer to risk my life and volunteer a couple of days a month at a local school to provide some overwatch for the kids. I suspect that would be a common thread among a great number of CCW holders. What are ‘they’ willing to do other than to say NO, and effectively deny those children ANY possibility of a quick response.

    2. What is left unsaid by Joe Biden and his coterie, is that to require universal background checks would also require universal gun registration. Otherwise the government would have no way of knowing what guns were transferred from one to another. And also ask how they would plan to enforce it without such registration? That would, unquestionably, be the first step to confiscation. Slippery Joe won’t address that very thorny issue while trying to gin up enthusiasm among independents on the simpler side of the equation – reasonable background checks aka gunshow loophole. Perhaps we need to make this part of the debate now and change the dynamic since it would clearly impact every American who owns a firearm – even those who are not really following the debate.

  3. Wally says:

    Robb, how do you handle passing down firearms to your children in PA? Must you go through an FFL?

  4. Miguel says:

    Sebastian, you aim at Pasha Bloomy and call when needed. CSGV & Brady is a wonderful source of advertising for our cause with their antics. I have to keep at them :)

    I would like to point out that IMHO, Bloomberg’s ultimate target is not guns but to be crowned at 1600 Penn. He hitched his wagon on Gun Control thinking it would be a good ride. If he finds it expensive in terms of political capital, he might dump it.
    Again, just my opinion.

  5. Robb Allen says:

    Wally, I’m not in PA, I’m in FL. Here, I’d hand it to my kids and say “Hope you enjoy it!”

  6. Alpheus says:

    Whenever topics like this come up–“Share your personal tragedies with gun violence”–I wish someone would put up a simple comment that says “I know of someone who lost her parents to gun violence; here’s her congressional testimony about the experience.”, and then add a link to Suzanna Hupp’s testimony before the Texas Congress.

    We would do well to remember that gun-grabbers aren’t the only victims of gun violence!

    If done subtly enough, it might take a while for such a comment to be deleted; in the meantime, a handful of people will get a healthy reminder that guns can save lives, even when they immediately take them.

  7. James Zelenka says:

    I feel about as qualified as any to comment after growing up with guns in Colorado and doing two tours in Vietnam. In short, I would like to see an end to all guns in due course starting with everything that even resembles a military weapon!! I would venture to say that the majority of gun fanatics never went to war and think that playing with guns makes up for it somehow. Most of the vets i’ve known have no desire to bring back the memories.