Ladd Everitt Has Lost His Mind

CSGV issues a press release blaming the holocaust shooting in Heller:

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has repeatedly warned of the ascendancy of the insurrectionist idea, which was recently embraced by the Supreme Court in the case of District of Columbia v. Heller. We believe that this year’s string of shootings is not a series of random occurrences but part of a new, loosely-knit political movement characterized by the slogan “the guys with the guns make the rules.” This is an incredibly dangerous idea that has real consequences for our democracy and society.

I’m in awe of the audacity of this.  Heller, which let people jump through tons of hoops in order to register handguns, and had nothing to do with rifles, is responsible for a man illegally bringing a gun into DC, illegally carrying into a federal facility, within a National Park, no less.  And somehow Heller and gun rights people are responsible.  And they wonder why no one takes them seriously anymore.  This is more not being able to talk to real people.

6 thoughts on “Ladd Everitt Has Lost His Mind”

  1. As soon as I heard about this shooting and the NPS new regs came to mind and Sheps comment about the rightwing hate paranoid mail i thought they would blame the gun people. After all the 3 % have ben warning about a backlash. I have the feeling that we are on a brink of civil rebellion and that will backlash against gun rights.After all a government can’t survive a rebellion while allowing the rebels to get arms.

  2. From a gun controller POV this is perfectly logical. Guns in the public hands and paranois fantasies this is the result.

    Personally I think the 89 murderer at the museum was probably dying from old age and chose suicide by cop.

  3. Has ANYONE noticed that he was a convicted felon, and thus forbidden from the get-go to -possess- a firearm?

    So much for the Bad Guys obeying the law, huh?

  4. Blaming Heller is akin to blaming the Constitution, since the Supreme Court ruling was based on what the Constitution stated.

  5. #3, I will repeat a felon. Like Roeder.

    In Wi, Doyle wants to close prisons. What could go wrong?

    PS- Granholm in MI too.

    PPS- A felon

  6. “the guys with the guns make the rules.”

    Not too far off. We have multiple federal gun laws being violated by a racist asshole who we can only assume was planning a spree killing.

    Sadly one man died (hopefully we’ll soon get the news that a Monster was also killed in this exchance but last I heard he was still wasting oxygen) but certainly we can only assume that if the guards were unarmed…or armed only with less effective means of protection like tasers or OC spray or Batons that there would have been a lot more deaths.

    Good men with guns made the rules. They said “No, you won’t be compleating your sick goals today!”

    My hat goes off to the Hero Stephen John, and the other guards who protected the innocent that day.

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