Small Victory in This Long War?

This time it would seem to be our opponents who seem to be compromising. I think they want to take one of our issues off the table, because it’s getting in the way of them passing draconian gun control. They want that to recapture the narrative.

Via Glenn,who notes NRA 1, Obama 0. Let’s keep things moving in that direction.

5 Responses to “Small Victory in This Long War?”

  1. Patrick H says:

    Interesting. I also read that the administration things a new AWB will be really hard to get through, and while they may propose it, they will drop it in favor of a mag ban and universal background checks.

    Its funny how all of this is supposed to be about preventing another Newtown, and yet they propose universal background checks which would have had zero affect on Newtown.

    • aerodawg says:

      Oh it’s not funny, it’s pure bait and switch. They have a desired political outcome that to them, the ends justify the means. Lie, cheat, steal, you name it they’ll do it.

  2. MikeJ says:

    I believe a lot of the problem could be solved at the state level. Utah allows permit holders in the Federal “Gun-Free” zones. Give the teachers, employees, and (even) parents the option.

  3. JR says:

    Except even when LE are supposed to be at schools, they’re far too often NOT there.

    Columbine. Taft High. I could go on.

    And even then, schools aren’t fortresses, so even if there’s constantly an officer or deputy there (one never leaves without first being relieved by another), the mass murderer can simply enter on the opposite side and face defenseless teachers and students for the minutes it takes for the LEO to arrive.

    • Harold says:

      It’s not very difficult to make it more like a minute. My once and future high school complex is the largest in Missouri and two officers would be enough to keep the response time very reasonable.

      The key detail, especially from Columbine, is to “march to the sound of guns”, instead of setting up the precious perimeter and waiting for the SWAT team to get arrive, get authorized to go in, and then take their own sweet time behind cover doing it. By the department’s own timeline, they gave the 2 shooters and explosive users 42 minutes, even after they were fairly quickly told it was an active shooter situation and then could see that was the case (they even had to use suppressive fire to rescue some downed student outside the school).

      All the “good guys with guns” in the world are useless without the will and courage to use them, and the latter is one of the stronger arguments for allowing teachers and administrators to be armed, time after time they’ve shown they’re willing to risk or sacrifice their lives to try to protect their students.

      That you’re citing Taft is … amazing. Two shots, only one into a victim, plus a teacher who got a pellet in the head, this guy didn’t exactly fit the “active” shooter profile. The armed guards scheme is stop large scale massacres by an active shooter, not to stop every bit of lethal force, which is impossible, even if every teacher and administrator is well armed.